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Meet and Greet and Moan and Groan

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Meet and Greet and Moan and Groan

Irene informs Beth that she works as a "deputy Marshal." And we get to visit Irene at target practice. What's that you say, Aaron? A gentle little woman? Right. With a big, deadly, bullet-filled gun. For some inexplicable reason, the opening bars of "I Touch Myself" by the Divynals accompany the scene of Irene shooting her big bad gun. Why, I do not know. I do not even want to think about the Freudian psychology involved in that choice of soundtrack.

Anyway, the roommates all head down to the Venice boardwalk to watch the fire-eaters and doomsayers and tourists in action. For what feels like twenty minutes, the roommates argue about where they ought to eat dinner. It's so bloody dull. Finally, they decide, and sit down, and chow, and Dom explains the Jon Brennan Fan Club to Aaron, who is both amused and impressed. Dom tells Aaron that Jon's voice is good, but it "annoys the shit out of him." Aaron laughs. Jon, who is sitting right behind them, stands up and laughingly accuses Dom of "stabbing him in the back." Dom rolls his eyes. Aaron explains that Dom is just "telling him a story." Jon stands up, and gets a little defensive. Dom explains that he was just "relaying the funnier highlights" of the trip to Aaron. The home audience is treated to a montage of flashbacks to the EARILER PORTION OF THIS EPISODE, like, how retarded to they think we are? Even more sadly, the montage is set to the tune of "Right Here, Right Now." I'm going to take my own life if this episode doesn't end right quick.

Tami tells the camera that she, Dom, and Jon have all been saying bad things about one another, due to their experience on the road, and that talking trash probably isn't such the best idea any of them has ever had. She pulls the boys aside and they decide to start their entire relationship over. They reintroduce themselves to one another, laughing, and walk, with the rest of the cast, into the sunset towards the ocean, laughing, frolicking, and secretly plotting any number of atrocities toward one another.

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