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Melanie Hates Everything

The roommates ride home in their van, Landon at the wheel. There is a lot of traffic. They try to find their exit, and miss it. Melanie groans and sighs, even though Landon would have had to break numerous traffic laws to make the exit, since they spotted it like two seconds before he reached it. Landon tells Melanie to "shut the fuck up," and Melanie says, "Fuck you, bitch." In a confessional, Melanie says that she's over Landon's pissiness. Melanie tells Landon to chill out, because he said "fuck you" for no reason. MJ reminds Melanie that she says it every day, and Melanie claims it's not with the same amount of animosity. How do you get to be twenty-something years old and not realize that no one likes a back-seat driver? And that the person behind the wheel, especially in heavy traffic, needs to be treated with respect. At least until you reach your destination, at which point all bets are off. Melanie is rude, and an idiot. The other roommates all look uncomfortable. Shavonda is sitting on MJ's lap, which seems unsafe.

Landon and MJ walk down the street. Landon says he's mad at Melanie for the way she bitches him out all the time. MJ says that everyone is mad. Landon thinks he is the butt of her attacks more often than not. Landon interviews that he's overly sensitive. MJ suggests that Landon tell Melanie that it hurts his feelings. MJ thinks that Melanie will roll her eyes, and he demonstrates, but in the end, Melanie will hear it. MJ interviews that they are all fed up with Melanie, and that she needs to relax. MJ jokes that the moral of the story is that Landon should punch Melanie in the nose, kick her in the teeth, and tell her to fuck off. Well, it's not like we haven't seen similar antics in past seasons. Why are they so reasonable this season? When are they going to start throwing forks?

That night, Willie and Karamo go to a club. Karamo looks miserable hanging out with Willie's friends, so he says that he's going to go look around. Karamo interviews that he wants someone to share Philadelphia with, but hasn't found him yet. Karamo just happens to run into Dorian. Surprise! They have to stand very close to hear each other over the loud music, but neither guy is complaining. Karamo says that he thought Dorian was straight, and Dorian replies, "Not by a long shot." Karamo interviews that he doesn't know why he assumed Dorian wasn't gay, but that was the attraction. Well, at least he's honest. And consistent. Dorian invites Karamo to the African-American Museum, and then Karamo invites Dorian to the dance floor. Once they are out there, things get hot. So hot that Dorian has to peel off his shirt, with Karamo's help. Willie interviews that Karamo seems happy to dance with Dorian. Karamo and Dorian grind their pelvises into each other and...oh, my. They are quite a hot couple. Although Karamo is kind of ruining it by wearing a fleece pullover while Dorian is shirtless. Karamo voice-overs that he thinks he might have feelings for Dorian. Willie ruins the fun by interrupting to tell Karamo that they need to go. Dorian and Karamo say goodbye and make plans for the next day. Once they get outside, Willie celebrates with Karamo.

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