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Melanie Hates Everything

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Melanie Hates Everything

Karamo and Dan continue their conversation. Dan thinks that Karamo is making a rash decision. Karamo says he's shy about sex. Dan tells Karamo just to let it go. Karamo interviews that Dan is giving him courage. Dan says that sometimes things are worth the pressure and the angst, like Dorian. Karamo interviews that he knows he needs to work on it.

The roommates are in the van again. And Melanie is complaining again. This time, she's upset that they are going to be late. MJ interviews that Mel is confrontational, and that people have let her get away with it in the past. Melanie continues to rant, "So not cool, guys. So not cool." Finally, Willie snaps, "Okay! We know!" I love Willie. He totally just said what everyone else in the van is clearly thinking.

The roommates arrive at the Northern Home and apologize for being late. The bosses totally don't care. Landon interviews that they are going around with Donna, Anthony, and a bunch of kids to visit various playgrounds and see what the kids like. MJ talks to one kid to get ideas. He suggests "a water fountain that has chocolate milk," and the kid says that he wants fruit punch. MJ interviews that some of the kids are requesting silly things, like a sauna. Heh. How do those kids even know what a sauna is? Karamo runs after some kids and looks like he's having the time of his life.

MJ, Willie, Karamo, and Shavonda are in the van, and they stop to get gas. Willie says that Melanie negates everything the others say. Shavonda agrees that Melanie gives her opinion when no one asked for it. Shavonda adds that she really liked Melanie during their first week, but now she's over it. MJ says that they all have their little annoyances, and that Melanie doesn't want to be portrayed as the bitch, so she gets upset when people point out on camera that she's being bitchy. That's quite an astute observation for a lunkhead like MJ. Karamo gets out to pump the gas. Willie says he hates when people pretend to be something they're not. Karamo. Okay, he doesn't say Karamo's name, but you know everyone is thinking it. Shavonda says that Mel is always mean to Landon. Karamo asks if there is a consensus about the others in the house, and Shavonda says that everyone in the house is annoyed by Melanie, and that's it.

Karamo talks to Dorian on the phone and they make plans to go out. They arrive at a totally empty restaurant. Karamo talks about their job, and how they're designing a playground. He explains that his roommates were all scoping out sites, and that he couldn't stop playing with the kids. Karamo wants the kids to know that they can talk to and trust him. Dorian thinks that's commendable, because while Karamo may look tough, he's really sensitive. Karamo interviews that now he feels like he has someone to share his fears and dreams with. Karamo and Dorian sit by some water and talk. Karamo interviews that Dorian wants a friend he can trust, and that Karamo will be that friend.

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