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Melissa is My Unfunny Valentine

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Melissa is My Unfunny Valentine

Back at Belfort, the doorbell rings. Danny sprints to the door, but it's locked. He fumbles for the key and finally gets it open. It's a scary man with a blurry head! Run, Danny, run! Oh, it's just Paul. They hug. In a confessional, Danny says that Paul came to see him and he had no idea he was coming, and that Paul is an awesome guy. They enter the house and Danny asks Paul what he brought. It turns out that Paul brought food from Danny's favorite restaurant in Atlanta. They make a little picnic on the floor, and Paul brought food, bowls, chopsticks, condiments, and chocolate bars. Danny says that this is the most incredible present that he's ever gotten. Paul says he knows Danny has been hungry for it. Danny says he's hungry for Paul too. Ew! He almost ruined a very sweet moment with that cheeseball statement. In an interview, Danny says that his Valentine is obviously Paul, and that it's the first time in his life he's ever had a Valentine. Paul and Danny hold hands, and Paul says he can stay until Wednesday. In an interview, Danny says that Paul is everything he's been looking for, and he realizes he had to be strong and that he got the best Valentine's Day present. No doubt! In the battle of the biblically-named boyfriends, Paul definitely beat out Peter.

Next week: Kelley is having trouble getting the others (especially David) to help her out with the television show. See, I told you I would have plenty of opportunities to make fun of David!

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