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Back at the house, Pam is trying to reach her boyfriend on the phone. He's not home, so she's cursing up a storm. Judd touches her shoulder, but Pam's not paying attention to his affection yet. Pam is wearing some black sheer thing that's tied in the middle of her back. It looks like she's wearing butterfly wings from a Renaissance Festival. In the confessional, Pam says she misses her boyfriend.

Cut to Pam and Judd at a coffee shop. Judd is wearing a giant beige blanket and he's trying to pull it off as a trench coat. So not working. He "casually" asks Pam how her boyfriend Christopher is doing. She says she hasn't seen him in a long time. Cut to a shot of Christopher and Pam on a rowboat in some pond. He wears a black vest and a white puffy shirt and she's in some other godawful wench's peasant blouse. I'm so glad it's not the early nineties anymore, friends. We see the Montage of Forgettable Love as Pam tells us that even though she's been seeing Christopher for eight years, she thinks they've grown apart because of their distance. Pam tells Judd that her birthday is in two weeks, and that they always do something for her birthday. Judd asks whether Christopher might be planning a surprise for her. Pam says that it'd be "terrible" if he were surprising her for her birthday, because it's on a Thursday this year and she has two tests on Friday. So, she doesn't really miss him too much, is what I'm gathering here.

Pedro and Rachel are at the airport, getting ready for their flight to Rachel's mom's house. Pedro confesses that he's a bit nervous about meeting Rachel's family. They have different politics and beliefs. He says he's not going to ask too many questions, since he knows Rachel's mom has a problem with Rachel living with Pedro. We watch them get their boarding passes, for some reason. Rachel tells us that it made sense to bring Pedro home with her. We watch them fall asleep in First Class as Rachel hopes everything goes smoothly. Rachel tells us that she's nervous about going home, and then the camera focuses on Rachel opening her eyes. She's clearly watching someone else in First Class, but they're making it look like Pedro doesn't have a care in the world and is snoozing away on her shoulder as Rachel frets about what her mother is going to think.

Rachel and Pedro are greeted at the gate by Rachel's brother. He hasn't earned a name yet. He doesn't get one until he takes off that vest over the sleeveless t-shirt outfit. Man. He's wearing shorts and combat boots and white socks and a backwards baseball cap with a vest over a sleeveless t-shirt. May we never have to see that again.

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