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Sick and Tired

Back at the house, Cory hovers over Pedro and then eventually says she's going to bed. A relieved Pedro says goodnight. He says that he likes having too many things on his plate. Pam whispers to him that it's late and he should go to bed. She tells us that Cory is worried about him. She says that it's hard for Pam to sit down with Pedro because she's scared he's going to die. While he's talking to her? Whatever. Pam tells Pedro that she's going to sleep. Everyone deals with Pedro by hovering, bossing, and abandoning. Pedro seems to be just fine with that. Commercial.

Cory tells Pedro that it's not healthy to work all the time. Pedro says that he hasn't found that balance yet. He says that his life is always uncertain. He says that he'll find the balance before he dies. He tells us that he knows he needs to slow down. He says he stayed in a whole day last Friday, and that he needed to be reminded that it's okay for him to be lazy every once in a while.

Rachel tells us that she doesn't think about Pedro getting sick or dying. Pedro says that Rachel is an "issue-oriented" person, and that he likes sitting and talking with her about nothing, like boys and stuff. Rachel, Sean, and Pedro joke about boys and boyfriends. Rachel says that Sean is a very attractive man. She thinks that his relationship with Pedro is going very well. She jokes with Pedro that if he stopped "necking" with Sean in the kitchen, he wouldn't run a fever so often. Sean wants more time with Pedro. Alone time. "Quality time." Rachel says that she likes hanging out with them.

Horrible music plays until Jo runs over to Mohammed to console him. He broke up with Stephanie. We see a montage of breaking up, but we don't hear anything. He tells us it was hard. Jo and Mo only wear t-shirts, and they're wearing the same shirt. I'll just leave that alone. We see awkward shots of Stephanie and Mohammed breaking up. He's all breaking up with her while Cory walks by. What is wrong with that girl that she's always in the wrong place at the wrong time? Mohammed says that they went through this for three days of crying and stuff. I don't know why we only see the same thirty seconds of the breakup, without a speck of tears, but whatever. This is reality television. Don't expect real emotion. Mohammed asks Stephanie to page him when she gets home so that he knows she's okay. She says she doesn't want to talk to him anymore. He asks again. She tells him she'll be okay. She leaves.

Pedro isn't feeling well. Pam tells us that he's sicker than he has been. He's exhausted and got sick in Miami. We get a flashback of Pedro sick in Miami. Judd tells us that Pedro's been worse since he got back from Miami. Pedro says that he's been feverish for the past couple of weeks, and that he's not sweating. Judd says he's been denying that Pedro is sick, and he thinks he shouldn't deny it anymore. Judd's so beautiful. Pedro says it's hard to run out of breath because it reminds him that he's sick.

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