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Most Boring Episode

The roommates have a group meeting about their trip. I'm all ready for this big conflict that Colin set up at the end of Act I. Tet Girl says they want to go somewhere very different from Hawaii. They decide to go around the room and announce where they want to go. I think Justin was making fun of Annoying when he said, "Let's go in a circle!". Tet Girl starts things off by saying she'll go wherever everyone else decides. Ruthie says "India" and then blows out a big plume of smoke. Justin says, "I think, India". Annoying says "India" and then tells us that Justin has infiltrated their brains with India. I think they're trying to set up more conflict, so that if someone later decides that maybe he doesn't like India, they can blame Justin. Because, you know, they don't have minds of their own and Justin put some kind of crazy spell on them. Annoying also says she is a little worried about Teck going on the trip, since his biggest concern was where the strip clubs are. For Teck's choice, he mocks some Indian singing and then says, "India. Give me the red dot woman." Besides being a cultural stereotype, I'm thinking he could just look to Tetanus Girl and her assorted bindis. I'm sure she has a red dot one in her collection somewhere.

Now it's Wonder Bread's choice and he pontificates, "At the top of Diamond Head, I reached a realization." Colin has the funniest line of the episode, when he says, "Matt, just tell us." Ha! WB says, "It's INNNDIA" in a really annoying voice (other than the one he normally uses). It's up to Colin who says, inexplicably, "It's India, Matt." I don't know why he addressed this to Matt. Also, where was the trouble reaching a group decision? What a rip-off.

The roommates celebrate their decision. Teck babbles about "Taj Mahal, charm some snakes, ride elephants." Annoying yells out, "Taj Mahal! That's all I want to see!" I'm wondering if she even knows what the Taj Mahal is.

Then they show a commercial for That's the only reason I can think of why they needed to get their own tickets to India, and did so on Priceline. Product placement, much? Teck takes a big swig of Dr. Pepper and hitches up his Levis, and reveals his complete ignorance about computers. I guess I don't have to worry about him reading this site!

Tet Girl and Justin go to the Big Island as promised. They stay in a big house. It's peaceful. It's boring.

They return home and Tet Girl calls Tre and goes to see him at his hotel. She's afraid of a relationship but she'll let it happen, she says. It's unclear if they end up sleeping together or what, but Tet Girl has some grease in her hair, I think. I can't imagine why else her hair would look like that.

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