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Mr. Mormon Arrives

Next morning, Julie oversleeps because she got in at 7 AM. Why did she even bother going to bed? I swear, these people don't think sometimes. She should have just drunk some...oh, I forgot. She's not allowed to have caffiene. Julie goes in the bathroom to try to fix her hair, and she's acting really hung over. I'm not casting aspersions, but the slow movements and the green skin tone really say "hangover" to me. Plus, her hands are shaking as she reaches for something. Yeah. Totally hung over. Anyway, she is already late for church, and her dad is going to kill her, "butcher style." Ooh, it's a two-parter.

Next week: Julie and her dad fight. A lot. Then Julie cries. A lot. Her dad thinks she's "just being emotional."

Over the credits, Danny does a gay PSA. He wants to break down stereotypes by being on the show, which he knows isn't really possible, but he's going to try.

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