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Mr. Mormon Arrives

In an interview, Julie says her relationship with her mom is strong, and she can talk to her about most things. Finally -- like, twenty minutes later -- Julie just gets around to saying hello to her father. Okay, creepiness point number one -- after they hug, he looks at her and says, "Looking good." Julie gets all embarrassed and thanks him. Okay, I never, ever want my dad to tell me I'm "looking good." He can tell me I'm looking fit, or well-rested, or healthy, or...well, I'm not any of those things, so he would never say that, but you get the picture. It just had a creepy undercurrent, like he was checking her out or something. In an interview, Julie says that she loves her dad, but before she came there, they were at a rock bottom and not talking.

Julie takes them all into the confessional to show them how it works. It's a lot bigger than I imagined! She shows them the "happy" blue background, that you would put on to say, "My family's here today!" and then the "angry" flames background that you would put on to say, "I hate my father, he won't leave me alone!" Okay, first, I didn't know that they could control the background pattern. I thought it was just random. Interesting. And second, even if your dad is a jerk, and you were joking, that was kind of rude. The whole family laughs uproariously and her father says, "I'll bet you say that, too."

Julie continues her tour, showing her family the bedrooms. She continues the charade that she and Matt share a room. Her mom laughs but her dad gets all concerned. In an interview, Julie says she knows she's put a lot of undue stress on her dad. The whole family troop into the bedroom and probably like knock things over and yell at each other, before they realize that someone is sleeping in there. I'm guessing it's Kelley, since it's her room and we haven't seen her thus far. Mr. Mormon (that's what I'm calling Julie's dad now) asks if it was a girl or a boy. Julie evades the question to torture her father some more, which is really mature. But I don't know why I expect less from Julie. And yes, I understand that this is her way of acting out and exerting control over her relationship with her father, but that doesn't mean it's mature. In an interview, Julie says she's "probably digging him an early grave." Yeah, you and the junk food! When Mr. Mormon comes down the stairs, we see that he has acquired a fairly prodigious gut. Some of the books on the wall by the stairway flash on screen, and one of them says, "#1 Reason Why Danny is Gay" on it. Hmm, I wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Mormon saw that one. Julie tells her dad that she got a tattoo while she was there, but she can't show them where it is. Her father looks like he's about to have a heart attack -- there's like beads of sweat dripping down his brow. In an interview, she says that she and her father have "a ridiculous relationship" and "find a way to fight about nothing." Mr. Mormon tells Julie that her toe ring is going to cut off circulation and her toe will get gangrene and fall off. Hee! That sounds like something my dad would say. Except he would be kidding. Then, Mr. Mormon comments on Julie's choker, and she tells him it's a "bondage thing." Oh dear God, call an ambulance. She really is going to give her father a heart attack. I understand what she's doing, but I can't help but feel bad for her parents. That is how you know I am old -- when I empathize more with the parents than the kids. In an interview, Julie claims that her father does the "same thing to [her]" and that they "both abuse each other." Well, we haven't seen her father doing it, so we'll just have to take her word for it, I guess.

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