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Mr. Mormon Arrives

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Mr. Mormon Arrives

Melissa and Danny eat at a restaurant and discuss Julie's parents. Melissa brings up that someone told Danny to hug Julie's mom so that when her mom finds out Danny is gay, she'll have hugged him. Danny says that is a perfect example of what he can't stand about this, and that when they get ready to leave, they will probably tie Julie up and put her in the van and take her home.

Back at Belfort, Danny shares pizza with Julie's brother Alan and his bandmates. Does it really matter what their names are? Okay, the producers told us so I'll share it. John is the the red shirt one and Dan is the black shirt one. Mark is the Hawaiian shirt one. Danny asks if they all want to go to BYU. Alan says, "Yeah. Sorry." Why is he apologizing? I mean, at this point, Julie had not yet been suspended or whatever. Danny doesn't understand why someone would want to "spend their college years being controlled" and being told what time to go to bed and such. John wants to say something "deep and prophetic" but he believes that "obeying laws is what makes you really free." Whatever, Confucius. That's what your dad told you, isn't it? Danny says he likes to make his own laws and everyone laughs, but they keep cutting to black-shirt Dan, who looks really upset. Mark is on Danny's wavelength, and they discuss how you go to college for freedom, not more rules. Danny asks if they are curious to "step out and see what's on the outside." Wow, they all probably think that Danny is Satan, don't they? Instead of a box of pizza, he should be holding an apple or something. In an interview, Danny says it really it bothers him that they follow "what has been given to them." Black-shirt Dan finally speaks up, and basically says that he would rather go to an all-Mormon college than be the only Mormon at a regular college. Danny says, "Don't talk to me about being the only one there." Alan asks him if he would go to an all-gay college, given the opportunity. Um, it's called Vassar. Look into it. Danny says he wouldn't, because he likes diversity. God, enough with the shots of black-shirt Dan! Every other second there is a shot of him looking at the floor or something. We get it. He's uncomfortable. Alan asks if, when they first arrived at the house, everyone was looking for "the gay one" or if Danny volunteered the information. Danny says everyone, including him, thought it was Matt. Ha! Black-shirt Dan asks Danny when did he, and Julie fills in, "come out," but Dan goes with "decide you were gay?" Danny says he always knew. Danny is sitting next to black-shirt Dan on the couch, and his hand creeps closer and closer to black-shirt Dan's thigh. Hee! Danny says it's always in the back of your mind, and you can spend all your life denying it if you want to, but you always know. Hmm, is he talking to one person in particular here? Like, I don't know, black-shirt Dan? Danny concludes the scene by saying in an interview that these boys are naïve, and rolling his eyes.

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