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Music Is My Life, Part II

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Music Is My Life, Part II

Lars rounds everyone up to go out clubbing. He picks out an appropriate outfit for Jay: a v-necked basketball t-shirt that perfectly shows off Jay's waif-like physique. For some reason, Jay feels weird about wearing a big pair of boots. Lars points out that boots are all that Lars ever wears. Finally everyone is out the door and walking the streets of London in search of a club. Lars explains in an interview that he's been checking out the club scene for the past few months, and that he eventually wants to put together his own event. "Right now, I am looking for the venue because I first need the venue to come up with a creative idea," says Lars in the interview. Lars goes around and sees several potential venues while he voice-overs how important it is to put together a successful event so that people know his name.

Back at Attention Deficit Manor, Jacinda and Neil have breakfast. Jacinda asks Neil how much money he made from his last gig. Neil, whose fluffy hair makes him look like a Samoyed, replies that the band made a grand total of £10. In an interview, Neil mentions that he's running out of money, and that he's nervous about it. Jacinda suggests that he get a 9-5 job. Neil concurs that he just might have to do that. Wow, what sacrifice! Working for a living! "I suppose I could become a prostitute," Neil bitterly tells Jacinda. Next thing you know, they're showing him walking into an agency called "Manpower." Hee! Manpower! Prostitute? Geddit? I'm sorry, it takes so little amuse me these days. He tells the nice lady at the temp agency that he has computer skills, and that he can type a little. The next day, the phone rings; the agency offers Neil an assignment doing data entry for £4.75 an hour. "You get a subsidized lunch as well," says the nice lady at the temp agency. Neil and the lady share a laugh at the idea of a free lunch. What's wrong with me? I thought a free lunch sounded like a good deal. Maybe in London they still serve gruel like those Dickens novels or something. Next thing you know, Neil is in that double-breasted Botany 500 suit he was wearing a few episodes ago and getting ready to go to his first day of work. Lars comes up behind him as he drinks juice in the kitchen and caresses his manboob. It's so cute! Meanwhile, some singer I can't identify sings about affording a "rock and roll lifestyle." ["That would be Cake." -- Wing Chun] I guess I'm suddenly immune to the charms of the suit, because I get really irritated hearing Neil say, in an interview, that "poverty" forced him into doing something he swore he'd never do: "Put on a suit and get out of bed in the mornings."

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