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Music Is My Life, Part II

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Music Is My Life, Part II

Meanwhile, Neil and Lars are chilling at home. Neil asks Lars how the party is shaping up. Lars laments the fact that he's had four months to put something together and that he only started working on his party a couple of weeks ago. Lars can't find a suitable DJ. Yeah, we know. All of a sudden out of the blue, some record label calls a meeting with Lars. Fresh Squeeze Records is having a party at The Ministry of Sound, and they want Lars to DJ. Lars explains in an interview that Ministry is a "massive" club in London. "The first exclusive London appearance at The Ministry of Sound by a German DJ," says a Fresh Squeeze bigwig trying to pretend that Lars's appearance on The Real World has nothing to do with their decision. They give him the 11 PM - 1:30 AM slot, which they assure him is "prime time." "You're on the spot, buddy!" says the Fresh Squeeze bigwig. Everyone laughs heartily and shakes hands. "It's very very prestigious if you can say that you played at The Ministry," says Lars in an interview. "So I'm quite happy about that."

I guess we're supposed to feel bad for Neil when he goes and knocks on this record company's door. You see, when they buzz him in, the buzz is really loud, so it hurts his ears. I wonder what kind of primitive country England is that they'd make musicians walk on their own two feet and knock on doors with their own bare hands to find work. Neil explains in an interview that his band "is friends with" another band called Flinch as in "what people do when they hear Neil's band play." Apparently some record company is producing a CD of Flinch cover songs, and Neil's band (I don't know which one) was chosen to record one of these songs. Because, you see, Flinch has been such an influence on popular music that it was only fitting that a bunch of musicians get together and do a cover album like they did for The Carpenters or Leonard Cohen. And you'd think that it would be hard for Neil's band to get such a prestigious recording gig, but thanks to the friendship between the bands, Neil's band has insider status and is chosen to record a track on this super-duper-popular album. "This is a genuine compact disc," Neil proudly tells Mike. "And it has me on it!" It is later explained that Neil recorded this track only a week after his tongue was bitten off. Yes, folks, Neil's music is only palatable when he can't sing lyrics intelligibly. Shocking, I know. Neil plays the CD for the house. Jay makes a lame attempt at "dancing" to it even though it's about as danceable as a Joy Division song played on a low speed. Jacinda thoughtfully eats some rice. Kat leaves the room. "Is this an underground thing?" asks Mike. "Extremely underground," answers Neil. Lord, he looks pleased with himself.

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