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My Name Is Landon

Landon and Melanie continue arguing, and he says he's pissed that she was pulling his hair. Melanie keeps telling him to chill out. Yeah, that always works. Melanie's friends start saying shit to Landon too, and one dude says, "I'll break your fucking jaw." MJ walks over and asks what they guy said. Chaos reigns, but finally they get the door open. Melanie pulls MJ aside and asks him to take care of Landon. MJ agrees, but Melanie is like, "No, right now." In the background, Landon tells Melanie's friends that they can't come in. MJ grabs Landon and pulls him inside. Melanie interviews that she's shocked at the way Landon is acting, because it's rude and disrespectful. I don't know. I think Landon was kind of a jerk, but if I came home and one of my roommates had invited a bunch of people over that she had previously told me would hate me, and then she got all up in my grill and called me an asshole, and then one of the friends threatened to break my jaw, I might get kind of rude too. And yes, Shavonda, that is a threat.

MJ comes back outside and apologizes to Melanie's friends, explaining that it's Melanie's house too, so she can have friends over. Melanie slurs that if Landon needs to be controlled, they will control him. Inside, Landon asks Shavonda what the fuck is up with Melanie's people. Meanwhile, Melanie and her people do a giggly confessional. I notice that Melanie's people are all male. They all giggle that Landon is a dick, and Melanie laughs and laughs and laughs. Upstairs, Landon is all pumped up and says there's going to be a fight. Melanie's group piles out of the confessional and heads back to the main floor.

Landon sits on the railing upstairs and allegedly listens in while Melanie sits on the fountain downstairs and talks to her friends. Melanie explains that Landon is cool when he's sober, but that he's an asshole when he's drunk, so they should ignore him. Landon starts to walk to his room and -- hey, who's that in the background? That's Melanie! But I thought she was on the floor below, talking shit! Nice editing job. Anyway, Melanie tells her friends just to leave Landon alone.

Melanie and her friends play pool. Landon hangs out in the kitchen alone and starts talking to himself. He says, "Way to go, Mel. You know what, Mel? Take it away." He keeps giving her the thumbs up. Melanie points out what is happening to her friends. Way to leave him alone. Landon digs in the freezer and sarcastically says he wishes he was Mel right now because she's so cool. Melanie tells her friend -- who looks like the undead -- that Landon could call her "a stupid slutty whore bitch" and she wouldn't care. She gets the reaction she wants when Undead Guy says they would beat him up. Melanie interviews that her friend would normally fight Landon, but that they respect her and the house, so they'll hold back. Undead Guy goes to get a beer from the fridge, and Landon invades his personal space and just kind of silently hovers there. Undead Guy just gets his beer, nods at Landon, and leaves without saying anything. It was kind of hilarious. After the guy walks off, Landon flips him off.

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