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My Name Is Landon

Sarah hangs out with Melanie and her friends and interviews that she finds them amusing and thinks they are good guys. They do a group hug as Mel's friends leave. Melanie calls out that she loves them and they are her boys. She adds that they are all tough, but that they are sweethearts when you get to know them. Karamo and Melanie try to discuss Landon's actions. Melanie says that, the next day, Landon will just apologize for being drunk again. Melanie voice-overs that she's over drunk Landon, and that they've all told him that they wish he wouldn't drink so much.

The next morning, Landon walks into the house with some food and sarcastically tells Melanie that her friends are nice. Melanie gives him the silent treatment. Landon admits that he thought they were really mean. Melanie asks what was the first thing he did when he met them. Landon doesn't know. Melanie says that he told them all that they couldn't come in. She adds that he was disrespectful and rude to all of them before they said anything to him. Melanie says that she's allowed to have friends over, and that Landon shouldn't prejudge them before they walk in the door. Landon says that she invited them to prejudge her friends when she said they wouldn't like each other, and also when she asked Landon and MJ not to go to Drinker's. Melanie denies doing that and turns it back on Landon, blaming his drinking. She concludes, "I think you have a serious drinking problem." Landon says he doesn't talk about problems with his roommates, and that it comes out when he's drunk. He apologizes for his lack of respect, and thanks Melanie for accepting it.

Landon, Shavonda, and Karamo go out to eat and talk about Karamo's desire to see the person instead of the race. Karamo says that he never wanted to do that until he talked to Shavonda about it. Karamo interviews that Shavonda has opened his mind to seeing people differently. Karamo tells the others that his guard is down now, and Landon says it's hard to do, because it means taking the chance to be hurt. Shavonda says that she didn't want to hang out with Karamo because she felt judged by him, but now that's changed. Shavonda interviews that she doesn't feel that the world is out to get her, as Karamo does.

Landon admits that he doesn't feel like Melanie likes him at all. Karamo explains that Melanie likes Landon, but that she doesn't like him when he's drunk, and that she's sick of him apologizing for his behavior after the fact. Landon interviews that he needs to worry about how he behaves when he blacks out. Um, how about worrying about the fact that you black out? On a regular basis? Karamo says he didn't see the incident with Melanie's friends at the door, but that he did see Landon put a knife in his back pocket, and he also saw Landon grab three knives and start waving them around. Landon thinks Landon's behavior is unacceptable, and it makes him sick to hear it. Shavonda interviews that Landon is scared and worried. Landon seems blown away by this news, like he clearly had no memory of it.

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