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My Name Is Landon

Landon and Mel have a talk in the hallway of the house. Landon says he's sick of acting like a drunken idiot. Melanie agrees that it sucks, and that she hates that she's scared of him when he's like that. Landon says that Shavonda feels the same way, and that it's not what he wants. Landon says he needs to end it. So he's going to quit drinking, then? Landon adds that he's going to limit himself to five drinks. Okay, first of all, I can't remember the last time I had five drinks in one night. But I am old, and a lightweight to boot. But I really thought Landon was going to quit drinking for the rest of his stay. Melanie agrees that five drinks sounds good. Melanie interviews that she thinks it's great that Landon is taking responsibility for his problem, and that it's very adult of him. But not as adult as quitting altogether would be. To me, if you have a huge problem with quitting, that might be a sign that you have a drinking problem. Landon tells Melanie that she can help by constantly asking him what number drink he's on. Yeah, that won't get annoying. I'm sure Landon won't lash out at them over that one.

The roommates go to some sort of Rock and Bowl. They buy pitchers of beer, and Melanie pours a drink and tells Landon it's number one. Melanie interviews that she thinks they can help Landon by monitoring his drinking. Does anyone else think this is the worst idea ever? Both for Landon to try to just restrict his drinking, and for the roommates to monitor it? I foresee arguments where Landon says he only had a half-glass, so it doesn't count, or that he doesn't think he should count the three beers he had at home before they went out. The roommates bowl and have a good time. Landon interviews that he's proud that he can have fun and maintain control. MJ advises Landon to bowl a strike. MJ interviews that they all have to learn their limits, and that it's taken Landon longer to learn his. And then, Landon bowls a strike. Drinking problem conquered!

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