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My Roommate, He Wrote Me a Letter

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My Roommate, He Wrote Me a Letter

Kevin's one-on-one. He says how he walked in on an incredibly uncomfortable meeting, and how he knew it was bad when he saw half of the people wearing sunglasses so that they wouldn't have to look one another in the eye.

Kevin at the meeting. He complains about the noise level of the loft.

Heather's one-on-one. She says that Kevin was dumb to pick the room that's completely open, and that now he has to deal with it.

The meeting. They talk about drawing up a schedule with quiet hours. Heather says that stinks. Eric gets up and stalks around the table and says it doesn't matter if they draw up a schedule, since the apartment is set up so that you can hear everything. Heather rolls her eyes and says, "Well, Eric you may as well go to a hotel because you ain't ever gonna be happy." Julie snickers.

More bitching and moaning. Kevin calls for more communication. Andre tells him "that's rich" (he actually doesn't say that, but I've always wanted someone to use that phrase) since they didn't even expect Kevin to show up for the meeting.

Cut to Becky with her superior, "I'm twenty-four and vastly more mature than any of you" schtick as she says, "I'm going to get smashed for this, but there is a difference between our ages and you [sic] guys' ages. Life changes at a certain point, and you get less tolerant of certain things, because there's so much more at stake in certain ways." Becky, maybe the next time you make lofty declarations about maturity and age, maybe you shouldn't wear Molly Ringwald's cast-offs from Pretty in Pink. Just a thought.

Julie -- yay, Julie! -- reads her the riot act and basically says that if their examples of maturity are what it means to be mature, she hopes she never becomes mature, and that there's a lot of self-centeredness in their maturity.

Julie's one-on-one. She points out that Becky's pathetic attempt at superiority would perhaps have some merit or validity to the discussion if it was the "younger folk" making all the noise, but it wasn't. Julie is forced to resort to inarticulate groans of disgust. A nation agrees.

Cut to Becky being a smarmy bitch and condescendingly telling Julie, "Don't take it personally, it's just that there's [sic] different ways of living, there is [sic] you can't deny it." Okay, way to try to distract attention from the fact that YOU threw in the idiotic and conceited non sequitur into the conversation. Oh, Becky, your stupidity would anger me, if you weren't just so pathetic.

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