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My Stinky Valentine

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My Stinky Valentine

One of the themes of this episode is that Puck stinks. A lot. So it's time for the "Puck stinks" montage. During an interview, Puck asks whether the interview can see the waves of stench emanating from him which makes me think that Puck is like a grown-up Pigpen, if Pigpen had grown up to be a psychotic anti-social bike messenger. I'll spare you a description of most of the other scenes, but I have to mention the one in which Puck is washing his hands and the water in the basin is dark brown. Dark. Brown. I don't think I've ever been that dirty in my life and I used to work as a stable hand -- a job that entails a great deal of contact with horse shit. Rachel returns to her room after using the bathroom and suggests to Cory the idea of segregated bathrooms. Cory calls out to the rest of the house to set up a house meeting.

At the meeting, Rachel brings up the idea of separate bathrooms and Puck immediately shoots it down. Rachel tries to get Pam and Cory to back her up but Pam says that it doesn't really matter to her. Rachel feels betrayed because she had previously approached Pam and Cory and thought she could count on them for support. What kind of an idiot is Rachel to think that she could count on Cory for support? I'm constantly surprised that Cory can support the weight of her own head and I've only seen forty-five minutes' worth of footage. Now it's Pedro's turn to talk, so we have to hear about the peanut butter incident again in excruciating detail. Ye gods! I'm sure it was fairly traumatic and I would be just as upset if it happened to me (especially if I had a disease that would make me more vigilant about germs) but damn, does it make for boring TV. In an interview Puck claims that Pedro "made it seem like [he is] dirty but [he's] not." Um. Puck realizes that The Real World is not a radio show and they're actually going to show him on television, right? Pedro suggests that if four or more of the housemates go out with Puck they should vote on whether or not Puck has to shower first. Huh? Does Puck stink less if he only goes out in groups of three? I don't like Puck all that much but even I have to admit that's a stupid idea.

It's Valentine's Day and Rachel and Judd are unhappy about not having dates. At a bakery, Pedro buys cookies for all of the housemates. Aw. "Oh Looocy, I'm home!" he calls out. Pedro puts the cookies in the kitchen where, wonder of wonders, Puck is actually washing his hands! Pedro wisely waits until he's finished to point out the cookies. Puck tells Pedro about Delilah, and Pedro can't believe that there's someone in the world that is too odd for Puck. I'll admit, it's a scary thought for any sane person. Everyone decides to go to a garlic restaurant called The Stinking Rose as part of a "lonely hearts club" where the super-garlicky food might just be enough to cover the stench that is Puck. Pedro was going to go on a date but instead decided to go out with his roomates. Puck seems generally intersted in Pedro's life and in an interview Pedro tell us that Puck is very open-minded because people have to be open-minded to put up with Puck. I'd be worried about being so "open-minded" that my brain might fall out if I had to deal with Puck on a regular basis.

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