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My Unfunny Valentine

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My Unfunny Valentine

They ship off the card, and as they walk out, Nathan says he was all happy until he realized that it "ain't gonna be there on Saturday," which must be Valentine's Day. Janet says it'll get there on Monday, and it's the thought that counts. Actually, if he's going to send such a crappy gift in the first place (come on, how much thought goes into a Betty Boop card?), he could at least pay the extra few dollars for Saturday delivery. But then he would have to cut back on his Happy Hour beer consumption this week, and the boy has priorities. In an interview, Janet says that Nathan worries about Stephanie's perceptions of him, just like she worries about her parents' perceptions of her. That, in short, is the theme of this subplot. Janet tells Nathan that Valentine's Day "isn't about February fourteenth, it's about taking a day out to tell them how much you love them." Janet the philosopher.

In an interview, Janet says that she and her parents have a strange relationship, because they support her financially and she knows her parents will be there for her, but they were very against her coming to Seattle. We see a shot of Janet translating her card into Korean. Now she's on the phone with her father, who is speaking Korean. Janet asks if they can drop it, because it's not a problem, and she would like them to understand what she's going through, and it's killing her that they are so against it. So, let me get this straight: They support her financially, but she doesn't think they have any right to have a say in her life decisions? I don't get that. If she really wants to be independent, she needs to start supporting herself, or resign herself to listening to what her parents have to say. In an interview, Janet says that she doesn't think her dad wants to know what's going on in Seattle. On the phone, she tells her father that this is a very valid experience, and she can't explain it. Her father says he understands. Janet doesn't think he does. Well, now she's just being contrary. Her father says it's a new start for her. Janet says it's one thing for him to understand it, but it would be nice if he would accept it.

Stephen is showing Lindsay some pictures of himself when he was younger, including one of him as a fat kid. Lindsay can't believe that it's him, and then asks to see a picture of someone named Natasha. In an interview, Stephen says that he misses talking to his ex-girlfriend (presumably this Natasha character) and he hasn't dealt with it. Now it's a totally different time, and Stephen is playing pool while Irene sits in the chair and talks to him. She asks if he's told his sisters that he and Natasha broke up. Stephen hasn't, because he doesn't want to hear their lectures over the phone, or to get it from his mom, and he's not even sure where he and Natasha stand. Irene says that she thought the last time he and Natasha talked, they had a good conversation. Stephen says that they are still friends, but he doesn't want to tell his mom right now, and that he'll probably tell her in a couple of months. Irene laughs, "A couple months?" I can understand that he doesn't want to share every up and down in his relationships with his family, but they broke up, right? He's calling her his ex-girlfriend. I don't get it. Why the mystery?

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