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My Unfunny Valentine

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My Unfunny Valentine

They arrive at some bar, which is nearly empty, and give out CDs and stickers. That was a whole scene.

Now they are all at some sort of Japanese-steakhouse place, where the chefs cook your food right in front of you. Aubbie is with them, and some band is there too, I guess. Stephen is sitting by himself, not talking to anyone. In an interview, Stephen says he was feeling really crappy, and he's dealing with things he hasn't dealt with yet. Suddenly, the cameras are outside the restaurant, so we see a shot of the door, and we hear audio of Stephen telling everyone that he's not feeling well and he's taking his leave. We then see him walk out the door and head for the bus stop. They intercut scenes of the group having fun at the restaurant with Stephen sitting alone on the bus. In an interview, Lindsay says that Stephen wasn't having a great night, but the rest of them got into a food fight. We see shots of the roommates throwing food at the chefs and one another. How pissed would you be if you were another restaurant patron? What a bunch of imbeciles. If the cameras weren't there, they totally would have gotten thrown out. In an interview, Stephen says he didn't feel like he was "in the mix," and he felt cheated. He was the (Sars, close your eyes!) third wheel with Nathan and David, and sometimes he puts things aside instead of dealing with them. I fail to see how it is anyone's fault but Stephen's if he feels left out, since he made the decision to sit alone and pout, and then leave early. While I ponder this, there is another shot of the Space Needle. That's twenty-seven.

Janet and Lindsay are walking outside. Janet says her dad is angry because she came to Seattle. Yeah, we got that the first hundred times we heard it. Thanks. Lindsay asks if it's because she left school. In an interview, Janet says that she took on the responsibility of becoming the successful lawyer in the family, but she gave that up after her freshman year, and a part of her parents' expectations died. Lindsay says it would be nice if Janet had a little more support. Janet says she got kicked out of her house for the first time in her life the night before coming to Seattle, and it was also the first time her dad ever yelled at her in front of her friends. I don't know what the point of that scene was, since it didn't tell us much we don't know already.

Stephen is on the phone with his friend, Jigmy, or so the on-screen text tells us. Stephen says he tries not to be visibly upset for a long time about things, but he is. Stephen thinks he should realize that, just because these people are different from him, it doesn't mean he can't have a good experience, but it's more stressful than he thought. Jigmy goes all Grasshopper on him, saying, "Compassion manifests good karma." Stephen actually cracks me up when he says, "All right, Tibet." Then Jigmy suggests that Stephen "kill them with kindness." Stephen has never heard the expression before, and asks what it means. Jigmy explains what any grade-schooler knows: Stephen should be really nice to his housemates, and they will have to be nice back. Also a good strategy if you work in retail. Anyway, Stephen decides to write it down, which is just sad.

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