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My Unfunny Valentine

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My Unfunny Valentine

Janet calls her parents on the videophone, and thanks her "daddy" for the flowers. Her mom gets on and asks if she misses home, causing Janet to start crying. Janet tells her father that she's fine and she doesn't need anything, and her dad says he loves her. Janet hangs up, and Stephen comes out of nowhere and gives her a hug. Like, was he eavesdropping the whole time? Janet cries some more.

Oh, yes. It's Space Needle-shot number thirty. Nathan asks Stephen if he's ready to go out, and then we hear glass breaking. Stephen broke some bottle. As he cleans it up, the phone rings and the machine picks up. It's Natasha, and she leaves a message. In an interview, Stephen says he loves the girl, but only to a certain extent, and that her games are too much right now. Nathan helps him clean up the glass and tells him not to let the message get to him. Stephen wants to call her back, but Nathan tells him not to. Yeah, because Nathan is such a power player in his own relationship. If that was Stephanie, Nathan would be on the phone tout de suite.

Irene, Nathan and Stephen are out at a bar somewhere. Irene and Nathan are laughing drunkenly over something Stephen said. In an interview, Stephen says that he was sitting there wishing Natasha was there, and he had to "get out of the element" because it was "piling up on him." We see a shot of four empty glasses in front of him on the bar, and he's working on the fifth. It looks like he's drinking a sloe-gin fizz. He's a girl-drink drunk!

Back at the house, Stephen goes into one of the bathroom stalls. Irene and Nathan goof around drunkenly. Stephen calls out to ask Nathan for help. Nathan asks if he's all right. Clearly not, if he needs help! Stephen says he is, but he doesn't want the girls to help. Nathan goes over to the stall and tells Stephen to "flush it!" Ewww! Then he rubs Stephen's back, which is usually nice when you are sick, but Nathan does it far too briskly and aggressively. That would not be soothing at all. Stephen says he figured out that he "hates the bitch," and "as much as he loves her, he hates her." Ah, drunken epiphanies. In an interview, Nathan says he felt for Stephen, plus he was thinking about his ex, but Stephen told him he flushed Natasha down the toilet with his puke. That is like poetry. Irene comes over and asks if everything's okay. Stephen says he wants to talk to Nathan only, and Irene makes like a tree and leaves. Stephen starts crying. In an interview, Nathan says that at first, they "clashed heads," but then they talked about it, and their relationship has been progressing forward each day. In an interview, Stephen says that two weeks ago, he wouldn't have thought that Nathan would help him out. Cut to Nathan helping Stephen to the bedroom and putting him to bed. Stephen cries in the bed, and Nathan tells him that it's tough, real tough. Where is David? Thank God, this boring episode is over.

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