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Putting The "Pain" In "Campaign"

Gallery. The kids eat. Ricky teaches them that the goal of life is to make money. They decide to meet on Sunday night to decide the manager thing.

Driving. FORD! The boys drive. Tyler declares a fatwa on the notion of Svet being their manager. Zach decides that he wants to be manager, too. Ooh, so mean. Let Svet be manager if it'll shut her up. Tyler camera-talks that Zach actually listens to other people and Svet doesn't.

Night. Water. House. Zach and Svet hang out on the couches. Zach, clearly enjoying tormenting Svet, casually says that he wants to be manager, and that they all already discussed it and everyone thinks it's a good idea. Svet can't believe he's serious, and says she already talked to Ricky about it when they went to the bank. Zach calmly says that she can't just "go to the bank" with someone and become manager. "Are you serious!" bug-eyes Svet. Svet camera-talks that Zach has never even had a job in his life. Svet continues to make no sense, telling the jovial -- and, yes, fucking-with-her -- Zach that she's the manager, and that if he wants to "take that away from [her]".... Zach says that people like him and that they'll listen to him. Svet says that he has no backbone, and that at least she'll stand up to people and say what she feels. Zach suddenly gets serious, telling us that Svet is dismissing him and making him feel like she really doesn't respect him -- and after all the times he stood up for her. Svet then tries a really mature tactic, saying that if Zach campaigns to be manager, she won't talk to him. I wonder if that tactic works in the real business world. "Jensen, if this merger doesn't go through, I'm going to hold my breath and stamp on the floor really hard!" She adds that if she's not manager, she's going home. Yes! Commercials.

Back. Night. House. House. Alarm. 5:30 AM. Tyler gets up and drives to a pool. As we see him climb into the pool, he voice-overs, that he used to be a very good competitive swimmer and thanks god he's found this swim team to join because it'll be his chance to get away from his roommates and be around other people.

Day. House. Tyler talks to his dad on the phone, telling him that he joined the swim team. His dad seems excited for him. Tyler camera-talks that his dad and brothers are big hockey players and that he tried it and "here was this little fag" skating on the ice. Heh. He says that it sucks getting up early for this swim thing, but whatever. Then there's this weird little voice-over where Tyler either says about or to his dad, "I'm as much of an athlete as I can be for you, Dad." Wow, who in this house doesn't have eating and Daddy issues, raise your hand. Yeah, no one.

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