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Putting The "Pain" In "Campaign"

The kids eat breakfast. Weird, pointless montage.

They drive their FORD! Also pointless; weird.

Gallery. The kids are trying to measure out forty feet of carpet, so John gets the bright idea to lay it out across the street. Cars honk. One motorcycle chick is sick of waiting and rides right across the carpet, leaving a tire print. Biker chicks love leaving stains on carpet. Ew!

Gallery. Sweeping. Svet and Zach are separately campaigning for manager. Ricky gives the kids T-MOBILE SIDEKICKS! so that they can keep in touch with him. Heh. They're not even trying to mask all their product placements. Very nice work.

Night. Pier. Jose and Tyler have a little bonding moment. Tyler's lips are weird. He always looks like he's hoarding some chewing tobacco. Tyler babbles that he's having a hard time and feels isolated, but at the same time he thinks: how dare he complain because he's so lucky to be there. Jose camera-brows that no one has taken the time to really get to know Tyler. Well, duh. It's the same reason no one tries to hug a cactus. Tyler goes on to tell Jose that people wonder why he wears a mask of "pretension," and he says it's because he's "earned it." Yikes. I'm not sure he meant that word, but he certainly meant the bitchy sentiment behind it. Yeah, wow, I really feel close to you know, holmes. Tyler camera-brags that he's "very driven" and worked hard to get from a farm in North Dakota to attend "one of the most fantastic universities in the United States." He brags on about how proud he is of himself and how hard he's worked. Jose tries to relate the conversation to himself, but Tyler won't be having any of that. Jose is immediately forced to go back to talking about Tyler, as he says, "What you said just now, it's amazing." Oh, get a room.

Day. Driving. Numbers. Tyler. Water. Tyler gets into the water with a bunch of other people, as he voice-overs that he's trying to get into triathlons and is taking "baby steps" to achieve that goal. Swimming. Swimming. Crap music plays as Tyler swims. Swimming. He's out first and puts on his shoes and starts running. He then tells us that he doesn't have a bike, so he's just participating in the first two parts! Heeeeeee.

Tyler gets home and brags to Paula that he "easily" won the swimming part. "That's great!" shouts Paula, her volume control clearly having been eaten by her own starving body. He gets a trophy. Paula yells some more. Tyler can't resist making a snotty comment.

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