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Putting The "Pain" In "Campaign"

Kitchen. Svet whines about needing more pans for the chicken she's about to cook. Zach camera-torahs that they're having Ricky for dinner and that it's going to be just another one of their dinners with too much food and tears. Svet cooks. Cooks. Paula lovingly washes cucumbers with her hands. Heh. Janelle snottily camera-talks, bitching about Svet's cooking, saying that she gets all power-trippy with it. John tells her, "Seriously, Fitz, you turn into a Nazi with this stuff." Doesn't he know Svet is Jewish? That's cold. Zach tells her to calm down, but she feels that they must have the food ready immediately when Ricky arrives. Svet pours honey all over her chicken. Zach arranges some nuts. Heh.

Ricky arrives. Hugging. Hugging. Cooking. The kids sit and toast. Eating. Eating. Janelle. Ricky. Pie. Now it's turned into a business meeting, and they discuss who is in charge of what and whether they'll be getting business cards. Svet then asks Ricky what the "definition" of "manager" is, and Ricky starts talking and John whines, wondering why Svet is so fixated on this whole manager thing. Svet is clearly trying to get some narrowly-defined position of manager (fewer duties or something) but Ricky (once again cryptically and confusingly, because this show is edited about as carefully as the Penny Saver) says that, no, he won't allow a narrower definition. John tells Ricky that the majority of people have decided that Zach would make a good manager. Naturally, Svet protests, saying she didn't agree to that. Jose camera-talks for her side, arguing that Svet has experience and would therefore make a good manager. Zach doesn't have the experience, Jose adds, but he gets along with everyone. Paula tries to defend Svet in front of everyone. They all start discussing the matter, and then Tyler busts in and says that this discussion is ridiculous, because they all already privately voted for Zach. Speaking of ridiculous, now Svet starts yelling that this is unfair and personal and that only three of them don't like her and they're sabotaging her chances. John says it's not true: nobody likes her. No, just kidding; actually, he says that everyone likes her and that she's being paranoid. Ricky calls for a vote. I call for a pillow and some Sominex. Commercials.

Back. House. Night. Svet bitches on that Zach shouldn't be manager. She denies that she's having a tantrum. More yelling and arguing. Ricky says that they have to move on to the next step. They make a final vote: Zach is manager. Ricky says he's sure that Zach will do a good job. I find it confusing that Zach even wants to do it in the first place. It just seems like extra work, and that's valuable time he could be combing his hair, or fishing pointlessly from the dock, or hanging out with his boring bartender girlfriend. Now they vote for Vice-President, and people nominate Jose. Ooh, burn. Svet looks crushed. Tyler camera-brats that Jose is very good with business. Zach kindly nominates Svet and then makes a speech on her behalf. They vote. It's Jose. Zach camera-talks that it's hard to see Svet so upset. Not for me. Sad music plays as Svet gets up and leaves the table and Ricky thanks them for dinner. He leaves.

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