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Putting The "Pain" In "Campaign"

Sad music. Sad music. Svet cleans the table. Zach stares. Svet goes upstairs. Zach sits at the computer and writes out his terrible "Goals" as manager.

Meanwhile. Downstairs, the kids are drunk and run around like morons. Svet is in the phone room weeping to Awful Mafia Boyfriend that Zach won and that she has to be in charge of finance. She says that it's a joke, because she can't even add. Oh, well then. She would have made a great manager for a business! She wipes her snot as Awful Mafia Boyfriend tells her that she just needs to do her job. Great advice! She weeps that they're doing this "on purpose," adding, "I hate it." Hee.

Ooh, are you guys going to see the awful/awesome-looking CGI-slug movie, Slither? Oh no, it doesn't have anything to do with The Real World. I just needed to talk about something that I'm actually excited about for a second. All right. Sigh. Back to this.

Svet camera-boobs that she doesn't want to be manager anymore; instead she wants her roommates to "see what they did." The fuck?

Zach and Paula are having a couch business meeting. Svet marches in and hands them a sheet of paper, and then goes back upstairs. The kids discuss what she did: basically, she handed back her list of Mystic Tan duties. Heh. She really is five, because we now see that she's just gone upstairs and is listening from her doorway to see what they say about her petty actions. Does she actually think someone is going to say, "You know what, guys? She was right. This shows me that she would actually be an awesome manager. I don't know what we were thinking!" She's a dumb cockslap and I hope she cries her silicone out.

Pier. Jose tells Janelle and John about Svet giving back her list of tasks. They all talk. "Are you kidding me?!" says John. Jose says that he'll take care of it. Janelle says that Svet is a "brat" and that it's "annoying." As is this show. Jose says he's going to bed. I wish I could.

The B/M music supervisor once again proves himself to be a over-literal nutbasket as we see Svet looking sad to a song with the lyrics, "Just nineteen. You hit the streets. What did you find? Stay inside. And hide a while." Svet's great ass walks out of the room and goes to bed as Jose camera-brows that he thinks Svet would make a "great" manager, but that the "respect" just isn't there.

Next time: Svet and Zach get into a fight over the tanning salon. Tyler tells us that Svet can't get over the fact that she's not manager, and that they're all going to confront her. Svet weeps to Martin on the phone that she hates it here. "Then come home," he says. Yes! Do that.

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