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In an interview, Mohammed says, "I approached [Rachel], like, after we had the big debate about politics, and I showed some interest in what she was doing, and I think that kinda let her know that I wasn't just out to slight her because she's conservative and Republican." Wow, that's two Bunim-Murray-style crises solved in one episode. They must have been really short on usable footage that week. Then Mohammed tells us that he had the idea of getting everyone together to read a little statement they'd written because he felt that "so many people in the house, especially a lot of the women, had just been talked over." Rachel is nervous that the roommates will "come out with all these great little poems and I'll say, 'I don't like Judd,'" so she picked a poem to read instead of writing something of her own. Personally, I feel that "I don't like Judd" is a fine statement, and one that can't be repeated too often.

The roommates are all gathered in living room, prepared to read their material. I can't take any more poetry this episode! I see no reason for you to suffer as I have suffered, so I'll just give you the gist of things. Puck figures it's time for a little PR, so his poem is about how he has a "caring" soul inside of his scruffy exterior, which might be a little more believable if we ever saw any evidence of it. Rachel reads a poem in Spanish, which maybe isn't the best way to connect to the rest of her English-speaking roommates. Lastly we have a poem by Dudd titled, "Fishbowl." Now I feel that I have suffered enough, and it's time to share the pain:

I've seen a big ol' fishbowl
full of different fish
they talk, they fight, they laugh, they cry
but they never clean a dish

The fish are different colors
And they think of that a lot
It worries some to just no end
Others just smell funky and blow snot

I wonder about this fishbowl
I wonder if it's big enough
I wonder if they'll nip at each other
If the sea gets a bit too rough

I hope these fish know
How many wish they could be with them
I hope they know when they're down
They'll just relax and smile and swim.

Next week is The Illegal Soapbox Society's Grand Ball! It's the social event of the San Francisco season! At least, that's what you would think after seeing the size of the snit Puck pitches when his roommates can't attend. Oh, we also have to watch Judd pitch some woo. Someone pass me the Ipecac.

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