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No More Turtlenecks

Statue of Liberty Shot #11. It's morning, and everyone is getting ready for work. While they put on their makeup, Lori tells Quarrel that she's not looking forward to their current work assignment. In an interview where she is wearing way too much sparkly blue eyeshadow, Lori says that she's not good at getting in front of people and being asked questions and "having to spit out facts right back at them." Quarrel asks Lori how she's going to be "a big superstar singer" if she can't convince people to listen to her music. Lori thinks that's different, because if she was a "superstar singer," she wouldn't be in charge of selling anything. Quarrel says that she would. And Quarrel's right, for the most part. Maybe after selling a lot of records, Lori wouldn't have to do that anymore, but up-and-coming singers definitely have to get out and meet and greet the industry folks. The music industry, more than any other industry I've encountered, is all about who you schmooze.

The roommates meet to discuss their pitch to K-ROCK. It's really boring, so I won't go into too much detail. In an interview, Kevin thinks that he was born to do this job. Everyone contributes ideas about how the pitch should be structured. Kevin says that they have "seven really smart people" who are "going to know this stuff front and back." I thought the roommates were doing the pitch themselves. No one said anything about them bringing in seven smart people to do it for them.

Lori gets a phone call from Nicky, the music editor. He wants her to come by and meet with him about doing vocals on one of his tracks. The next day, Lori goes to the meeting. Nicky is still looking like a reject from the Sunset Strip, circa 1988. Lori assures him that she can do various musical styles. In an interview, Lori says that she's excited about trying new styles. Lori tells Nicky that she wants to "really explore." Nicky says, "Are you talking about musically, or...?" Heh. What did he think she was talking about? Then again, we did see her kiss Jisela two episodes ago, so I think she's already done her non-musical exploration. Then there's some more of Lori talking about how excited she is about the opportunity, but it's more filler. Ultimately, Nicky asks her to come in and sing for him. Lori is excited.

The roommates meet up with Jeff, Devin, and Adam at Arista, and they all travel to K-ROCK together. How annoying that they all need to go into this tiny little meeting room together. Couldn't they have just nominated Mike and Kevin to do the actual meeting, but they would all work on the pitch? Like when you have to do a group presentation for work, or for a class, not every single person has to stand up and talk. One or two people talk, one person does the PowerPoint slides, and the other people do research. It's just so stupid and contrived that they all have to go into this meeting. Anyway, they meet with Booker, a DJ, and Mike, the programming director. Kevin tells them the name of the song, and then they play it. Most of the roommates kind of nod their head and bop around, except Nicole, who sits there with a stony expression. In a confessional, Nicole says that she'll sell the song, but she's not going to bop around unless she feels it. Would it be like selling her soul to at least smile, or look enthused? Seriously, would it kill her? Apparently, it would.

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