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No More Turtlenecks

Jeff asks the group what they should do before the next meeting to make their point more strongly. Quarrel suggests that they make a list of all the promotion Arista is going to do for the band. Kevin points out that Booker seemed really concerned that the band wouldn't be interested in doing promotion at the radio station, so maybe they should find a way to let Booker and Mike the Programming Director hear it from the band members themselves. Jeff is all over that idea. In an interview, Kevin says that it felt good to have his idea accepted, and he thinks that it will make the difference next time.

Lori takes Mike, Nicole, and Quarrel with her to record her song. I guess she's practicing for being a superstar singer and already working on her entourage. How boring would it be to sit there and listen to Lori sing? Lori goes into the makeshift studio and starts singing. In an interview, Lori says that she's nervous about Quarrel being there, because Quarrel's opinion means a lot to her. I don't know if I would care about the opinion of someone who wore a black sleeveless turtleneck halter top with her bra straps all hanging out. That's just tacky. Lori sings, and it sounds fine to me, but everyone is all up in her grill about what she's doing wrong. Wait. The song includes the line, "I'll work my tanky for you." "Tanky"? What in the frilly heck is a tanky? Quarrel comes into the studio and tells Lori that she needs to "mesh" her words together. In an interview, Lori says that her problem seems to be over-enunciation, which makes sense if she's used to singing in a choral group, where enunciation is really important. Lori decides to take a break because she's getting frustrated. Lori and Quarrel go outside to smoke, which will definitely make Lori's voice sound better. Except that it won't. Quarrel assures Lori that she'll get it, and that if she doesn't get it on the first try, she needs to just keep going. Quarrel is very supportive, and it makes Lori feel a lot better. Lori returns to the studio and apparently does much better, even though it sounds exactly the same to me. Everyone congratulates Lori. In an interview, Lori says it's a big deal that Nicky gave her a chance. Still. Tanky?

Devin walks into the Arista office wearing a short-sleeved crew neck sweater. I know I'm kind of obsessed with the sweaters, but that's all the dude ever wears. Like throw on a button-down once in a while. Devin hands out passes for a show at CBGB by From Zero. Devin tells Mike that he will be introducing the band tonight. Mike is psyched. In an interview, Mike says that he thinks he got this opportunity because he works so hard. At CBGB, Mike talks to the lead singer of the band backstage, and asks if he's nervous. The singer is, because the audience is filled with music-industry people. Except he's already got a contract, so what's he so worried about? Mike goes up onstage, and his roommates watch from the audience. Mike yells out, "I've got two words for you: Are you ready to rock and roll?" That's so much more than two words, and sadly, I don't think he was even being sarcastic. I mean it was no "Learn to fucking type." Anyway, Mike yells like a WWF wrestler, and the girls all giggle. That whole scene was kind of pointless. The band starts playing. Nicole pretends to bang her head to the music. Lori has her hair in really cute pigtails. Rachel and Nicole discuss how they need to learn how to bang their heads for their meeting about Adema. Nicole proclaims that she's going to play air drums in the meeting. That would be awesome.

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