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No Respect

At work, Lori looks at the website for her singing group, the Bostonians. In an interview, Lori explains that the upcoming show will be her final one, and that she's looked forward to it for a long time. Lori listens to some music on her headphones and hums along. God, that would be annoying. Quarrel tells her to cut it out. Lori says that she has to learn the song. Quarrel tells her to learn it somewhere else. In an interview, Lori says that she has to choose a final song to sing, and it has to be perfect. Quarrel taunts Lori by humming loudly and off-key. Lori tells Quarrel to get headphones and listen to something else. I'm sorry, but Quarrel is totally right here. How annoying would it be to listen to someone humming in the office? Like she can't do that at home? Or anywhere but in the office? None of the other roommates seem to care. Quarrel and Lori argue about who is annoying whom. In an interview, Mike says that Lori is nervous because all of her roommates will be at the concert, and she hasn't practiced that much. Lori mumbles that she hopes all of her roommates die. Quarrel teases that Lori should have started learning the song a little earlier, instead of waiting for the last minute. Okay, now Quarrel is bugging me. Meanwhile, in the background, Mike is totally playing Tetris.

In an interview, Lori complains that she's had four years to think about what song to sing, but she still can't come up with anything. Lori stands on a balcony, smoking, and trying to learn some song. More talking about how she can't come up with the perfect song to sing as her farewell. Got it.

The Strummy Guitar of I Hope She Doesn't Find Out That I Only Have One Testicle plays as Kevin and Beth get out of a taxi. In an interview, Kevin says that he and Beth are "connecting eye-to-eye." Ew. That sounds painful. Kevin and Beth have a romantic dinner, which seems to consist of Kevin bitching about his roommates and talking about himself, and Beth nodding and giggling. I don't think Beth has much going on upstairs. Also, for a model, her teeth are kind of messed up. Not that I'm like Perfect Smile Girl, but I'm also not a model. By any stretch of the imagination. Kevin goes on and on about how great Beth is, and how perfect she is. Because she lets him talk about himself endlessly and doesn't interrupt. And she likes him a lot. He can tell. Outside the restaurant, they hail a cab. So basically, their relationship consists of Kevin talking, Beth giggling, and then they take a lot of cabs. They're soulmates.

Lori bugs Malik to get the scoop on Kevin's new chick. They try to make it out like Lori is jealous, because it's Kevin. But I think she's really just a gossip hound. Which I totally respect. Anyway, Malik pretends that he doesn't know anything, but Lori finally gets the dirt. Malik says that Beth was in Maxim, and that she and Kevin went on a date. In an interview, Lori says it's weird that Kevin doesn't talk about his dates. Lori lets out a couple of big belches, which I also totally respect, then comments that her belching is probably why she can't get a boyfriend. Hey, you don't want a guy who doesn't think girls should belch. That's just a sign of a bigger problem. ["That is so true." -- Wing Chun]

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