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No Respect

On the roof, Lori gives everyone an update on the Boston trip. In an interview, Rachel says that it's a perfect time for everyone to take a trip together, because they are all getting along. Lori tells everyone that they will take two cars, and that she needs to be there by 3:00 PM, so they'll be leaving at 9:00 AM. Can't they take that super-fast train? I would so rather do that than drive in Boston. I've driven in Boston. It's not that fun, especially if you're unfamiliar with the city. Kevin voice-overs that Lori is taking charge of this whole trip, and organizing everything. In a confessional, Lori says that she's terrified something is going to go wrong with the trip.

The next morning, Lori is the first one up, getting everything ready. In an interview, Lori says that the final concert will be "incredibly moving" for her, and she's touched that her roommates are going, because they don't have to. Lori wakes up the boys in a really annoying fashion. But maybe I'm just saying that because I hate mornings, and I hate being woken up. But she uses a baby voice, and she has way too much enthusiasm. I would just poke my head in the curtain and say, "Okay, get up! We're leaving in fifty minutes. See you there." In an interview, Lori says that she wants to get going. Montage of everyone throwing things into bags and getting ready. Lori announces that the cars are pulling around in twelve minutes. Some Run Lola Run style techno music plays as everyone heads for the cars. After all the build-up, they leave on time. What a gyp. In an interview, Nicole talks again about how nervous Lori is about everything. Rachel explains that when they finally got to Boston, they got lost. Cut to Lori, behind the wheel, murmuring that she doesn't know where they are.

Bunim: So when do the cops show up?
Murray: Cops? What cops?
Bunim: Well, I figured that they would get a traffic ticket and then get thrown in jail, and Rachel would become someone's bitch.
Murray: But...that's not what happened.
Bunim: Like that matters. Oh, you still have so far to go.

Rachel explain that they're already late, and now they are lost. Lori is driving one car, with Quarrel shotgun and Nicole in the back seat. Rachel is driving the other car, with Malik shotgun and Mike and Kevin in the back seat. They have walkie-talkies so that they can communicate between the two cars, which is what makes this next part so dumb. While driving around Boston, Lori gets increasingly anxious. Rachel misses a turn somewhere, because her car doesn't have a map and no one told her to turn. Lori and Quarrel get all upset about it, like they are lost forever, even though they have the walkie-talkies so it's all good. Lori explains that it's 4:15 PM, and she's still in the car, and she was supposed to be there by that time.

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