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Nose Candy

At the club, Christina dances all by herself. Chris, Adam, and Ace watch. When did Adam join them? Christina starts crawling along the ground, which is kind of gross, although if this is the opening of the club, maybe the floor isn't all gross and sticky yet. Chris holds up some cash and tells Christina to "come get it." Chris puts the money in his mouth and Christina acts like she's going to take it with her mouth, but then yells out that he is nuts. Chris interviews that Christina acts like one of the guys one minute and then tries to act like a good girl in the next. So is this stripper dancing act being one of the guys or acting like a good girl? Chris continues to wave money and Christina yells, "I'm not a stripper." Chris jokes, "I believe you," and continues waving the money. Christina interviews that Chris is being inappropriate, and that she's let him know that, and yet he continues. How exactly did she let him know that? By laughing and saying she's not a stripper? Or by crawling on the floor? Or by continuing to dance by herself on a platform in front of the three guys? I'm not saying she shouldn't do that, but if you're a scantily clad woman dancing alone in front of three guys, don't be surprised if people think you look like a stripper. Chris gets up and dances his way toward the bar. Christina takes a swing at him, but laughs when he ducks out of the way. Yeah, I can't see why he thought she was kidding around.

Back at home, Christina sadly says that her peanut butter is gone. Chris yells that she should quit bitching, and points out that she drank "all [his] lick-ah." That's "liquor." Christina claims that she doesn't know what he's talking about. She keeps saying, "lickerrrrrrrr" and Chris says "lick-ah!" and it cracks me up how differently they pronounce that word. Christina very seriously tells Leah, "My crunchy peanut butter? Is not safe in this house." Like Chris fucked it or something. Ew. I just grossed myself out. Because maybe he did! Chris interviews that he feels justified in eating the peanut butter because Christina drank the champagne he bought. Christina tells Leah that she bought a lot of ham, and that her ham's gone. She says it with the tone of voice one would normally reserve for saying, "My savings are gone" or "My mother's antique ring is gone." It's ham. They'll make more. Just make Chris buy you some. Christina interviews that Chris is a nice guy, but that he doesn't have respect for his roommates or their things. Christina and Leah discuss how much money they've spent on groceries. Leah thinks that Chris thinks that, since he paid for martinis one night, he can eat whatever he wants. Christina concludes that she "can't be entitled to that for the rest of [her] time." I don't think that word means what she thinks it means. Christina then complains that Chris thinks he's entitled to everything. That's better. Christina interviews that Chris is going to have to change. Christina tells Leah that she's going to "have a blowout with the unmentioned food-eater."

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