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Chris talks to his dad on the phone. Dad asks about the roommates. Are callers to the house required by law to ask that question? Chris says that "true colors are starting to come out a little." Chris interviews that if you have the love and support of your family, you can do anything. We see flashback footage of him hugging his mom and dad. Chris says he's been writing in his journal constantly to keep himself sane, and that he's trying to bend to meet his roommates. Well, we haven't really seen a lot of that. Chris says he senses tension building up, and that people are getting irritated with each other.

The roommates are all in the hot tub. This is another scene we saw part of last week. Mallory and Ace talk and Leah gives them the evil eye. Or she might have been looking at Chris. Or Adam. Leah interviews that Mallory hasn't said anything to her about Ace, and that she thinks Mallory is used to being the angelic virgin and doesn't want to admit that she has a crush on Ace. Everyone starts giving each other massages in the hot tub. Chris voice-overs that everyone was getting rubbed except him. You know what I mean. In a confessional, Chris says that he feels alone. Aw. He's gross, but I still kind of feel bad for him. Chris tells Christina to say if she doesn't like him. Christina says she'll talk to him about it at another time. Chris won't drop it. Christina interviews that Chris is aggressive with her. Chris says that he likes to get issues out on the table. Christina interviews that she's not good with confrontation, and that she likes to talk things to a resolution and not argue and bicker about them. We get a black and white flashback of Christina's Food Accusations. The crunchy peanut butter! It's not safe! The ham! Is gone! GONE! My god, man, the ham is gone! Why go on living? It was our last precious resource, and now it's gone. We might as well just pack it in. Heh. Christina tells Chris to bring it on right now. Chris says he doesn't want to fight. Christina says she wants to discuss it in the house. In a confessional, Chris says that he doesn't want to burn bridges, and that he wants to let people know that he's not a bad guy. Chris gets out of the hot tub.

Mallory and Simon snuggle in bed and discuss Ace. Again, they are using hidden camera footage, so I don't think Mallory knew she was being filmed. Simon asks if she wants to kiss Ace. Mallory whispers that she likes to snuggle with him, but that she doesn't want to kiss him. Simon doesn't believe her. Simon is actually brushing Mallory's hair. I wish I had someone to brush my hair. Not that I have long hair like Mallory's. It would just be nice. When I am rich, I am going to hire someone to wash my hair for my every day, and then do my eyebrows, and then brush my hair. And then fix me a turkey pot pie. And turn on the Lifetime Movie Network, which I will have purchased, and made them only play awesome movies, and no stupid crap based on Danielle Steel novels. Unless it's Daddy starring a young Ben Affleck and Patrick Duffy. That is acceptable. But no other Danielle Steel. Anyway. Simon interviews that Mallory is apprehensive to tell Leah about her feelings for Ace. Mallory says she doesn't want to hurt Leah's feelings. Mallory interviews that she wouldn't be upset if Leah kissed Ace now, but that Leah does take things personally. Mallory tells Simon that she wouldn't act on her feelings for Ace, even if she had some. In an interview, Mallory says that she doesn't want to deceive Leah in any way.

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