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Nathan greets Stephen at the airport. In an interview, Nathan says that when Stephanie is there, he will be "off in another world" and thus be "the real Nathan." No, it didn't make any sense to me either. Irene greets them at the door of Pier 70, but the other roommates apparently can't be bothered. Actually, David has already met Stephanie, so he probably knew to get out of Dodge. In the bedroom, Nathan presents Stephanie with a book on exotic massage (that he probably just took off the bookshelves in the house -- in fact, I remember Rebecca reading selections from this book in like the second episode.) Stephanie calls him a pervert, and Nathan pulls out the handcuffs. No, not to punish her. Ew. To prove that she is also a pervert. Extraneous shot of Irene in her bedroom, trying to set up the non-tense relationship tension.

Nathan and Stephanie are in the hot tub, making out, as Aerosmith plays on the soundtrack. In an interview, Nathan says this is his chance to "look in her eyes and tell her how [he feels] about her." Then there's a shot of a shower stall, but we can't see anyone. We just hear Stephanie giggling. Irene walks into the bathroom and starts blow-drying her hair. Then, Stephanie comes busting out of the stall, fully dressed, and Irene laughs. God, this is boring. Also, Nathan, it's called a hotel room. Look into it. Maybe if you didn't spend all your money on beer you could afford one.

Oh, hey, it's my old friend the Space Needle. Appearance #49 of the season. We might hit fifty in this recap! I'm so excited! Anyway, Janet explains in an interview that they each do "a dry run" and then Phil listens to and critiques it. Rebecca adds that he will help them to get better. David (who is looking about fifty-seven years old in this interview) says that everyone is "all jittery." Because they're nervous about the radio show, or for other, more illegal substance-related reasons? Everyone is gathered in Phil's office, and they listen to Nathan's promo. Phil points out what Nathan did wrong, but says that overall he "sounded confident." In an interview, Nathan says he thinks he will "put forth that extra effort." They listen to Janet's tape next, but before Phil can press play, Janet offers up that she's been "really sick, so [she's] got this snot hanging out in the back of her throat." Wow, thank you for telling me that. They joke that the cold makes Janet sound like a phone sex operator. Stephen is up next, and he winces as he talks right over the opening vocal on the song. In an interview, Stephen says that this is the first individual thing they have gotten to do with their radio job and he likes to be able to "shine [his] own way." I guess by "shining his own way" he means "sucking in every way." Insincerely, everyone tells Stephen his tape was really good. Phil even adds at the end, "It was a good start." In other words: "There's nowhere to go but up." Lindsay's tape is up next, and Phil is very impressed. In an interview, Nathan tells us that Lindsay is "a damn ringer" because she worked in radio for about "four or five years." Well, that's hardly fair. But really, the station had to have something to work with. I'm sure B/M said, "Look, they're a bunch of amateurs, but we've got one girl who knows what the hell she's doing, so if all else fails, you can just go with her."

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