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One Week

At the casino, Trishelle introduces Tyler to Frank and his friends. Wait. What is Tyler wearing? He's wearing plaid pants. Like, Ted Knight in Caddyshack plaid pants. In an interview, Steven says that Tyler is a model. What? This must be Opposite Day. In an interview, Trishelle says she wants someone who will treat her like a princess, which Steven won't.

Irulan goes on full drama alert now that Arissa has stomped out. Irulan asks someone to get Alton because it's "an emergency." Alton comes stumbling out of the men's room with a big smile on his face. Make of that what you will. Irulan tells Alton what happened with Dina and Arissa. Irulan is laughing the whole time. She's really enjoying Arissa's pain. Irulan says she thought Arissa might have known, too. Alton says that Arissa didn't know. Duh. Alton asks Dina what exactly she said. Irulan decides to answer. Dina points out that Arissa and Dario were on a break when the knocking-up part happened. Alton just shakes his head, and then they talk about it some more, and then finally Dina's like, "Maybe we should go find Arissa."

Arissa is back in the suite. She immediately calls Dario. In a confessional, Arissa says she feels sick, because it seems like everyone knew about this except her. Arissa tells Dario to be completely honest with her, and then asks if he got Dina's suitemate pregnant. Dario denies it. Arissa says she believes Dina. Dario keeps denying that he did it. Arissa says that when she gets home, she doesn't want to see Dario because he makes her sick and he's pathetic. Wow, she sounds just like her mother right now. Dario keeps insisting that it's not true. Arissa gets Dario to admit that he did have sex with the girl in question, and then says that she's had sex with someone since she's been in Vegas. Then Arissa hangs up on Dario. I think you shouldn't be allowed to talk to your partner for three hours after finding out something like that. The three-hour rule. Cooler heads would prevail.

Arissa goes around the suite ripping down all of the pictures of Dario. She goes out into the smokers' lounge and burns all of the pictures in an ashtray. I'm getting a little worried about the size of that fire. In a confessional, Arissa pretends she's talking to Dario and says a lot of bitter stuff about how she hopes he ends up alone and that she regrets all of the time they spent together. Arissa watches the giant bonfire blazing in the ashtray, and then lights her cigarette from the fire. I've tried that trick before and just ended up with singed eyebrows and/or bangs.

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