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One Week

Trishelle tells Frank that she's in love with Tyler. Frank doesn't think you can fall in love that quickly. He thinks it's infatuation. Trishelle say she's just happy and doesn't want to think about it. Frank jokes that she thinks falling in love is really easy. Trishelle says she'll probably get her heart broken.

Trishelle tells Irulan that she's going to hang out with Tyler again. Irulan asks about Tyler and Trishelle says that he is "A. Ma. Zing." Irulan asks how Steven feels about the whole thing. Trishelle says she thinks Steven is jealous, although he wants her to be happy. In an interview, Trishelle says she doesn't think she should hook up with Steven anymore, both because of Tyler and because they are going home soon.

Tyler and Trishelle kiss at a club somewhere. The next day (?), they go to the suite and stretch out together on the couch to go to sleep. Trishelle tries the old "It's awfully bright in here; maybe we should go into my bed" bit. Tyler turns her down. Interesting. They fall asleep cuddled up on the couch. Some time later, they wake up. Tyler tells Trishelle to call him later. Trishelle makes him give her a kiss on the cheek. In an interview, Trishelle says that Tyler makes her laugh and smile and that she wants to know what it's like to be in love.

Trishelle sits on the floor and dries her hair. Steven flosses his teeth and insists that he's responsible for Trishelle's meeting Tyler. In an interview, Steven says he hopes Trishelle and Tyler have a future together. Trishelle insists that she would have hung out with Tyler anyway. Steven tries to get her to say that he knows best. Trishelle says she'll only say it if Tyler keeps calling her, which Steven thinks will happen. In a confessional, Trishelle says that she thinks she'll always be friends with Steven. Steven continues to try to get Trishelle to say he knows best. I really could have lived the rest of my life without seeing Steven flossing and then sucking the food particles out of his teeth.

Arissa tells Dina that she lied to Dario about having sex with someone else. Dina agrees that it was mean. In a confessional, Arissa says that when she feels like she's been wronged, she can be vindictive and evil, and that she wanted to hurt Dario. Arissa tells Dina that she feels bad. Dina advises her to tell the truth as soon as she can, and then Dario will know what it feels like to be lied to. Arissa agrees that that was why she did it. Dina apologizes, and Arissa says that she knows she gets destructive when she feels hurt. Dina says it's a bad habit and doesn't make things better. Arissa agrees that it makes things a million times worse. I'm totally distracted by Arissa's boobs because she's wearing a string bikini and lying on her back and they are sliding into her armpits. Which is what real boobs do, so I'm not making fun of her or anything. I just keep expecting to see nipple. In a confessional, Arissa says that getting angry is only hurtful.

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