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Pedro's Wedding

Puck tells us he was an outcast in that house because he wouldn't conform. We watch him build his soapbox. He says he's dedicating the name of the car to the roommates. "Snot Rocket," he's calling it. I'm trying to keep our Puck moments brief here because they're unnecessary.

Back at the house, everyone's discussing the soapbox derby. Pam says she'd consider going if she had a friend who was taking part in the derby, but in "no way, shape, or form," would she consider Puck a friend. Pedro shakes his head. Cory says that a small piece of her thinks she has to go. Jo says that she doesn't understand why Cory would want to go. Cory says she'll never forget Puck. Cory struggles with her insecurities and her total disregard for her own wants and needs as we fade to commercial. What was the screening process for this season? Was it eight people that personify every single human trait that drives me up a fucking wall?

Oh, this season. Neverending. My patience. Gone. I'm officially pissed off at these people. Alcatraz. Pedro takes pictures of Alex. Pedro says he waited to do all of the touristy things until Alex got there. He says he had a good time, as we see a montage of sightseeing. Rachel finally weighs in and tells us that she likes Alex. Thanks, Rachel.

Pedro tells us that Alex kept trying to talk Sean into visiting Miami, and that every time Sean said something he liked about San Francisco, Alex would say that they have it in Miami as well, or how cool Miami is. Pedro explains to Sean that Alex wants them to move to Miami. Sean gives Alex evil eyes as Pedro kisses Sean on the neck. There's a table full of tension as Alex and Sean snap back and forth at each other over how much they love Pedro.

Sean and Pedro are in bed working on a guest list for the party. Pedro says it was frustrating once they got past the immediate friends and family. We don't see that, because Sean and Pedro look very happy talking in bed together. Sean says he'll bake a cake. Pedro says most of his insecurities came out at this point. We don't see that, either. Sean says that Pedro is so willing to trust people, and that it's refreshing. He says that Pedro's getting sick has made him know that he has to be there for him now. He knows that one of them might get sick at any point, but knowing that makes it easier for them to get along. There's an expiration date.

Puck and his girlfriend drink beer. Great use of thirty seconds of my life. Puck says they're perfect for each other. Toni picks out rings she wants. Puck argues. Puck spills a drink all over his lap at a restaurant. Toni tells us that they're in love.

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