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Pedro's Wedding

Alex and Pedro get pizza to have a conversation. Pedro tells Alex that it's best for him and Sean if they stay in San Francisco. Alex says that Pedro is sacrificing "a lot." Pedro says he can't ask Sean to move to Miami because he wouldn't be happy there. Alex admits that some part of him isn't accepting this. He says he never thought it would happen. Pedro's sure that he wants to stay with Sean, and he wants to do it in San Francisco. He wants to take the risk because he has a shot at being very happy with Sean and have the life he's always wanted.

Sean and Pedro pick out wedding bands. Pedro says they have different personalities when it comes to planning things. Pedro likes to organize everything and worry about every detail. Sean is laidback. Alex approves of the wedding-band choice.

Party-planning montage. Sean cooks. Cory buys. Pam prepares strawberries. Rachel watches Sean clean. Puck calls to leave a message, telling everyone to come to the soapbox derby. Rachel pouts because he didn't mention her by name.

Puck pulls out his soapbox car. Toni says that if he looked at her the way he looks at his car, "[she could] ask for nothing more." Puck puts on his protective gear, and says he's not going to lose a nipple this time. Everyone sets up their cars. Puck's grandfather looks approvingly over the Jell-O shots that Toni made for everyone. Toni tells us that she's going to marry Puck after they aren't so busy. Puck says he's nervous about getting married because he's never going to get divorced.

The race starts. The boys push each other in their cars. Toni actually voice-overs, "I think soapbox to Puck is a way for him to express his freedom." This is remarkably boring. People crash their cars, skid, and fall. Puck flips over. He hugs Toni and says he loves having her as a base after all of the crazy stuff in his life. She still loves him.

Mohammed gets unlocked from his closet for the party. Judd's complaining because he has to give a speech. He says he wasn't prepared to be the "Father of the Bride." He says he doesn't want to screw it up. Pam welcomes the large group of people who have come to the party. She says they're going to have a few words and then the exchange of rings. Judd says that he had the privilege of watching Sean's and Pedro's relationship blossom. He says that it's a wonderful day.

Alex speaks first. He speaks in Spanish, and everyone cheers so that he'll stop talking in Spanish. He stops and says that Pedro called him a few months ago to announce his engagement. Alex says he thought Sean and Pedro would be coming to Miami, but they're not. Pedro says he wanted to hug Alex at that moment and tell him that he loves him. Pedro wants Alex to know that their relationship won't change. Alex admits that he came to San Francisco hoping he wouldn't like Sean. That didn't happen. He's losing a roommate, but he's gaining a beautiful apartment, and he wishes Sean and Pedro the best. "Take good care of him," Alex tells Sean.

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