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Pedro's Wedding

Sean's friend says that Sean's and Pedro's love reminds them that life is about now and love is about being there for another. He says they are brave. He says their promise stands for hope. "To the adorable couple." Take that, Alex.

Judd says he's never encountered this before, but it felt right and should be a normal occurrence. Pedro admits that he thought that Sean was cute and stupid when they first met, but that once they had their first date, he knew that wasn't true. He says he felt like it was just the two of them, and he knew he was going to fall in love. He says that Sean makes life easy for him, and makes it easier to face his own fears. "I love you," he says. They kiss. Sean says that he feels closer to Pedro than he has to anyone else in his life, and he doesn't want Pedro to go away. They kiss, exchange rings, and everyone celebrates as the music swells. Mohammed and Stephanie are there. Rachel smiles. Cory takes pictures. The commercials begin.

Next time, everyone moves out. Really? For real, they move out? Huzzah! Pedro and Rachel argue. Mohammed feels disconnected from the house. Jo and Puck have a verbal battle, whatever that means.

The celebrating continues through the credits, as Sean and Pedro feed each other cake. Cory takes more pictures and hugs Sean. Pedro tells Pam that he loves her. They kiss. Alex hugs Pedro. "Finally nailed him down," someone says, as the show ends. Wow. That's it? So soon? I guess when most of the episode is people giving toasts and other people racing soapbox cars, you get a shorter recap. Next season: Toastmaster Roadmasters! I'm recapping that one for sure.

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