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Pitching A Tent

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Pitching A Tent

Robin and Mike walk up to the house holding hands at 5:02 PM. Robin comments that it's a good idea to have a tent set up. Robin walks into the house, and Brad tells her that she's in big trouble. Robin grins and shrugs it off. Frankie shows up just to say in an interview that she thinks "Mike and Robin got it on last night." Robin makes some excuse about Mike hurting his foot to explain their absence, and Mike hops up the stairs on one foot.

Mike and Robin go hang out on the patio. Mike says that he was really mad at Robin when she showed up at the house and got into his car. Robin says that everything's cool now. Robin interviews that she and Mike talked about it, that Mike was glad that Robin didn't get out of his car, and that the fight brought her and Mike closer together. After that last statement, Robin gets a big grin on her face and starts giggling. Robin snuggles up to Mike and says that they were really drunk. Mike says he won't ever do that again, and Robin laughs, "Famous last words." Jacquese opens up these little shutters that lead onto the patio and squeals, "No missionary tonight. Only doggie-style." Wuh? Jacquese needs to join Jamie in getting a life. Robin walks Mike to his car and kisses him goodbye. Robin interviews that she knows she and Mike will have a strong relationship.

Back in the house, Frankie tells Robin that Mike had "an unusual glow." Robin laughs and tells Frankie to shut up. Robin can't stop smiling. Frankie points out that Robin hasn't smiled this much since the day they moved in. Jacquese interviews that it's about time Robin gave it up. Shut up, Jacquese. Robin says she should change her clothes, since she's still wearing her outfit from the night before. Frankie makes a comment about Robin's sex jeans that Robin doesn't hear. Jacquese actually cracks me up for once when he says, "I'm so happy when Mike is around. We don't have to deal with a lot of the stuff we dealt with before. God bless America." I guess if you try to say funny things a hundred times, one of them is bound to work. Kind of like my recaps!

Robin calls Mike and says that she wants to see him again. Mike says that he's on crutches. Robin wants him to dress up like a pimp for some pimps and hos party they are going to tonight. Mike says that he can't, and Robin says that it won't be the same without him, and hangs up.

The women all get into their ho outfits, except Frankie, who has chosen to go as a pimp. She looks like the cartoon cat in Paula Abdul's "Opposites Attract" video. Shut up, Frankie, and shut up, Frankie's stupid pimp hat, and shut up, Frankie's cane, and especially shut up, Frankie's cigarette holder. Most of the guys become pimps by adding fedoras and a lot of gold chains.

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