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Play It Again (And Again, And Again)

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Play It Again (And Again, And Again)

That night, the boys burp and fart. Kevin says that the Road Rules guys are fun to hang out with. Kevin thanks the Road Rules boys for being fun. ADDam says that Mike needs to get his energy out a little more often. Kevin says, "We do!" See? What are they talking about? It doesn't make any sense. Malik says that Mike needs "some sort of physical contact." Next thing you know, Mike and ADDam are wrestling around half-naked. No, they really are. No, they really are. Nicole opens her bedroom door and asks the boys to be quiet. She is the enemy of fun. Someone tells her to shut up. Hee!

Rachel babbles drunkenly. She's slurring her words quite a bit. Guess what she's babbling about? The Bullies. Katie advises Rachel and Lori to talk to The Bullies about their problems, and soon.

Bunim: What happened to the one who likes salsa?
Murray: Jisela? She got voted off.
Bunim: What? When did that happen? I thought the voting-off thing was just a threat we were going to use if any of the kids wouldn't go by the script!
Murray: It happened, like, weeks ago. Don't you watch the show every week?
Bunim: No. Does anyone? I just have my assistant print out Stee's recaps and then I read them when I'm on the pot. But I ate a lot of cheese last week, so I haven't had...
Murray: Ooookay. I'm out of here.

Nicole voice-overs that Rachel and Lori wanted to talk to her and Quarrel about their friendship. The four women gather on a porch somewhere. Lori says that she and Rachel get "a little bullied," and that while Quarrel and Nicole say that it's all in fun, they feel hurt, and saying something doesn't help. Quarrel interrupts to say that this is a Rachel problem, not a Lori problem. Lori says that it affects her, because she feels like she needs to stick up for Rachel. In her own defense, Rachel says that she doesn't have friends who patronize her and make her cry. Quarrel denies that she made Rachel cry. Nicole brings up the whole "we didn't know you were serious" defense, claiming that now they know that Rachel wasn't kidding. Rachel thinks that they still don't know, and that if Lori weren't around to stick up for her, she wouldn't ever go near Quarrel and Nicole. Quarrel wonders why Rachel is getting upset now, as Rachel starts to cry. Again. Nicole, thankfully, points out to Quarrel that Rachel can be upset if she wants to. Thank you, Nicole! I don't know who appointed Quarrel the Dictator of Emotion, but Rachel is telling them that it bothers her. They can feel that she's being stupid, or a baby, but if they had any kind of hearts at all, they would stop teasing her.

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