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Play It Again (And Again, And Again)

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Play It Again (And Again, And Again)

Rachel claims that when The Bullies tease her, and she tries to confront them about it, she doesn't get anywhere. Quarrel says, "I think you're being a big baby." Rachel shoots back, "Sometimes, I feel like you're being a big bully." Then Quarrel says something that, fitting with this episode, doesn't make any sense to me, about looking like a bully. Finally, Quarrel points out that neither of them is trying to do anything wrong to the other, but somehow they both are.

In an interview, Quarrel says that she wants to be friends with Rachel and Lori. The Piano Music of Self-Realization plays as Quarrel says that she's learned how she is, and how she appears to others, and that's it's not always necessary to be so hard all the time. Quarrel tells the other women that she's willing to work on it and move forward. Lori says that they need to be more up-front in the moment. In an interview, Rachel says that she thinks it's resolved. They used the desert backdrop for Rachel's interview, but she was wearing a turtleneck sweater, so I'm guessing that she was talking about a completely different disagreement. The women do a super-gay group cheer that I choose to believe the producers bribed them to do, because it was so, so stupid. Quarrel and Nicole talk in their room. Nicole says that she's emotionally drained.

Outside, all of the other people are drinking and being loud. In an interview, Katie says that Quarrel and Nicole were totally anti-social, choosing not to hang out. In an interview, ADDam says that he was drinking, and got a little rowdy, and decided to try to wake people up. ADDam sneaks up to Quarrel's room and pounds on the door. She repeatedly tells him to go away. In the hallway, Mike, Blair, Kevin, and Ellen snicker. In an interview, ADDam says that he loves to mess with Quarrel. Quarrel comes out in a robe with a towel on her head and squeals at them to go away. I guess the teasing isn't funny when she's trying to sleep. Then again, ADDam is super-annoying.

ADDam announces that he's going skinny-dipping. He does. Mike disrobes and joins him, because I think he's in love with ADDam. Ellen runs up and pushes ADDam into the pool. ADDam runs out and grabs Ellen, then drops her in the pool. Ellen did that thing where she screamed and acted like a helpless girl, but ADDam was so drunk that she easily could have gotten away if she wanted to. Blair and Rachel decide to go skinny-dipping, too. Well, Blair gets completely naked. Rachel leaves on most of her clothes. In an interview, Rachel says that her mother's going to kill her. In an interview, Mike says, "Let the corruption begin," and expresses his excitement that Rachel got to see a boy's penis. He's a little too excited about the penises, if you know what I mean.

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