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Play It Again (And Again, And Again)

Suddenly, Quarrel is there, too. In an interview, she says that she saw ADDam's penis, and Mike's penis, and that is some shit that she didn't need to see. She's actually funny. I wish that Quarrel would lighten up and make jokes more often, because she is smart and funny. When she's not being mean and hateful.

The boys all hug one another. ADDam practically starts humping Malik on the bed. Kevin voice-overs that the Road Rules boys gave the Real World boys some energy that they really needed. Again, no idea. Then, they do a stupid group cheer. What is with that?

Rachel sits on Blair's lap. He tells her to close her eyes and see if the room is spinning, so she's clearly been drinking. I don't know why they couldn't show it. I'm going to guess that there's no legal drinking age in Morocco. Blair and Rachel hug. They're actually kind of cute together. In an interview, Rachel says that Blair helped her realize some things that she needs to understand about herself. Blair and Rachel get into bed together (!) and kiss goodnight, and then there is giggling under the covers. That was the only really interesting part of the episode to me.

Next week: Mike "gets some ass," as he so eloquently puts it. He has sex with some girl in his bedroom while Kevin and Malik are in their beds. Shades of David last season, eh? Minus the muscles, and the tank tops, and the singing. Thank God. Rachel tells her roommates that Blair kissed her, and that it was the greatest night of her life. Lori says that "this guy" is calling Rachel and talking for three hours a night. I don't know whether she's talking about Blair; how could he make three-hour phone calls? I don't know.

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