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Play it to the Bone(heads)

"Wicked Game" plays as Eric, perched on a lonely rock, tells Julie his tragic story. Tragically, a sea gull does not crap on him, I guess sensing that there is enough shit in the immediate vicinity without adding to it. Anyway. Eric tells how he got picked up during an anti-drug talk when he was picking up steroids. Three words: BWAH HA HA!!!

The long and short of it is, Eric's on probation and has many hours of community service. Eric tells Julie that he's had his ups and downs, but he's straightening his life out as they speak. I'm glad Eric is capable of ripping lines off of every ABC after-school special ever made.

Back to Eric and his bitch-fest in the house. Lest I did not detail it before, he's wearing a fetching little grey cap. He's telling his friends, "I've been around black people since I was this high!" And to emphasize: "Daaaaamn!" His black friend gives him the handshake.

Eric babbles some more about what a de facto brutha he is. He keeps saying how he can't understand where Kevin's coming from with this "black and white stuff," and that he sees it on the news, but not on the level that he, Eric, is at. Funny how it's always the dumb white guys who say dumb shit like that. Anyway. The camera closes in for a nice, tight shot of Eric's black friend, who's chewing at his nails like an animal chewing his limb off to get free from a trap. Wow, I'm really surprised Bunim-Murray was that subtle and didn't write the words "Eric's Negro Friend" over his head.

Eric's other friend -- white, FYI -- basically repeats everything Eric says, but in a higher voice. He tells Eric he has to ask Kevin what he wants -- that the purpose of the letter isn't clear. The fingernail-gnawing friend mutters something, but no one can hear, and of course no one asks him to repeat it. Eric shrugs and says, "Maybe this kid's really hurting inside." When did Oprah take over Eric's body? And if she has, will she make him put a shirt on and take off those damned hats?

Kevin's interview. He's saying that he and Eric have a lot in common -- that as a mischievous lad, he also was oft-times in trouble with the local constabulary. It is seriously so nice to watch a RW New York without having Eric's masturbatory interviews on every two minutes.

Shots of art. Kevin talks about the kid he's mentoring, and how Morris seemed to require Kevin's immediate attention more urgently than Eric did, and that he could see Eric any ol' time. Hence the reason Kevin is not addressing the situation right away.

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