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Play it to the Bone(heads)

Eric, in his interview, says he ruined the most incredible relationship of his life over partying and drugs.

Heather's telling Eric that Missy's seen him at his worst, and probably doesn't believe anything he says. Eric says, "So you're saying I've gotta convince her." Heather, actually being very nice, tells Eric not to commit to Missy -- that Missy might be keeping her options open based on her past experiences with Eric. Eric says indignantly that Missy's already doing that, that she goes "out with some dude!" Heather rolls her eyes and says, "Well, she is a skeezer!" Julie cackles.

Eric's interview. He tells us that he's trying to get Missy to see that he's for real. Yeah. A real big WHAT is the question.

Backward baseball cap. Eric's community service. Eric talks with a community worker about how important family is, and that's why he wants to work with kids, since when he was growing up, his father wasn't always there for him.

Eric's mom's house. Eric's mom pokes him with a fork. He yells, "What? What was that for?" She says, smiling serenely, "I feel much better now." A woman after my own heart.

Eric's interview. Eric yaps about how he's a momma's boy, and how close he is with his mom. He talks about how much he works with kids to set them on the right path.

Eric's community service. She tells him about some midnight basketball programs they have. The craptastic editing in these last sequences is giving me a headache.

Eric chatting with some guys on the basketball court. We find out he dropped out of high school with three months before graduation.

Eric's interview. He says that "if [he] could go back to the first grade" knowing what he knows now, he would've studied his butt off. Probably an easier feat for Eric than finding the brains with which he could have studied. Cut to a shot of Eric leaping toward the basket. Camera cuts away. I'm guessing he didn't actually dunk. Montage of Eric being a Big Brother to various kids. Eric's solemn voice-over assures us, "Coz if you don't have school, you don't have nothing [sic]." Kids, let that be a lesson to you, okay?

Backward baseball cap, gym-queen tee. Eric tells us how it's the first time he's seen Missy since that disastrous night in Miami. Eric, during a pool game, tells his friends he's nervous since Missy never tells him what's on her mind. My guess would be that if you were going out with Eric Nies, you'd only be allowed to have him and various hair products on your mind, ever.

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