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Lori and Coral walk across a bridge -- possibly returning from the gym, based on their clothing. Lori says that when she watches the cars go by, she wonders about the lives of the people in them. She hates thinking about her own life so much. Quarrel says that she's never really had an opportunity to "have fun and be young," because she's been too worried about paying the bills. Oh, I see what they're doing here -- setting up a big contrast between the inexperienced, irresponsible Rachel and the worldly, overly serious Quarrel. You'd think they would have emphasized this before the last quarter of the season. In an interview, Quarrel says that Rachel has a lot going for her, and that Quarrel is jealous. Quarrel tells Lori that she wants to shake Rachel and get her to appreciate her circumstances.

Mike says he was walking down the street, and he saw Ellen, Jisela, and Katie from Road Rules. No! You bitches have to stay over on Stee's side of the fence! We get one crossover episode per season and that's it! No more. Mike paged everyone to tell them to come home immediately for a big surprise. Everyone gets home, and they are all excited to see their friends from the casting special. In an interview, Nicole says that when any girls come in the house, it adds sexual energy. But guys don't? Nicole adds that "Jisela has her own little sexual energy going on," as we see Jisela practically humping Malik on the stairs. In an interview, Malik calls Jisela "an incredibly beautiful, wonderful person." So are we to believe that Malik has secretly been pining for Jisela all this time? Did Malik even speak to Jisela during the casting special? Because we were led to believe that Malik was all about Nicole, and Jisela was all about Angel. Until he didn't get cast, and then she dropped him like a bad habit. Jisela asks Malik whether he got any "ass." Malik says he's met a lot of girls, and asks the same question of Jisela, who says that she "got no play." Maybe because she was only on, like, six episodes. Do they know that she got voted off? Malik offers to help Jisela make up for lost time. Oh, Malik. I'm losing respect for you by the second. In an interview, Nicole says that Malik responds to Jisela's sexual energy. Malik leads Jisela upstairs.

It might be later that day, or possibly the next day, or another day entirely. I don't know. Jisela tells everyone that they are going to a strip club. Nicole suggests that it might be called "Nipples R Us," which cracked me up. Jisela accuses Nicole of "hating on" the idea of going to a strip club. Nicole gets a little pissy and starts waving her finger around. It's not like "I! Don't! Have to!" from earlier this season. It's a mild finger-waving. Nicole just doesn't think that strip clubs are fun. Malik voice-overs that the Road Rules ladies are "fun-loving" and bring a different element into the house. Jisela reiterates that everyone is invited to come along. Rachel wants to hang out with everyone, but is worried about what her mom will think. Later, Nicole asks Rachel what her mom will say. In an interview, Rachel says she's always thinking about what her mom will think. Rachel postulates that her mom would be less upset about the strip club than a bar, because legally, she's old enough to go to a strip club. In an interview, Quarrel says that Rachel won't tell her mom that she's been "drinking and smoking cigarettes," but now she's going to a strip club. Why do I feel like this whole "Rachel keeps her wicked ways from her overprotective mother" storyline has been done before? Oh, because it has. By a different Rachel. In San Francisco. Nicole tells Rachel to do what she wants to do. In an interview, Quarrel says, "That girl wants to see some naked tits." Hee!

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