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The next morning, Nicole asks about Rachel's level of drunkenness. Lori imitates how Rachel was dancing, and then demonstrates how Rachel was sucking down drinks. Quarrel doesn't believe that Rachel fell down on the subway while trying to do a pole dance. Quarrel wishes that she had gone out with them. In an interview, Rachel cries and says that she's still trying to figure out who she is. The Sad Music of Rachel's Identity Crisis play as Rachel looks out the window.

Sophia explains that Jisela and Malik thought they were sly by kissing in the bathroom, but everyone knew what was going on. Sophia thanks Malik and Jisela for "keeping the slapping to a minimum," although she did hear moans and creaking. Jisela laughs and Malik looks kind of embarrassed. As he should.

Quarrel tells Nicole that Jisela and Malik hooked up. Nicole pretends (?) to be really upset about it. In case there was any doubt, in an interview, Quarrel says, "Jisela and Malik had se-ex!" and then adds, "[Malik's] afro was all sweating." Quarrel tells Nicole what she knows, and then says that they miss all the good stuff when they are at home, sleeping.

Jisela and Malik walk down the street, playing grab-ass. In an interview, Jisela says that their "intimate moment" has brought them closer, and that they have "mad love for each other," so they're going to see what happens. Jisela and Malik hug and kiss goodbye. In an interview, Malik says that he eventually wants to have a girlfriend, and that he thinks that Jisela is a beautiful person. He wishes she were there the whole time, because they got really close.

In an interview, Rachel says that going to concerts has become an outlet for her, and that she's trying to "make [her] own expectations and standards for [herself]." Rachel goes out to a concert. The phone rings, and Kevin answers. It's Rachel's mom. She's all telling Kevin that he's supposed to protect Rachel, and keep her from hanging out backstage. Kevin is noncommittal, when I would be like, "Um, I'm not her mom." Well, I wouldn't. I would be polite to her mom. But I would be thinking it in my head. While Kevin talks to Rachel's mom, we see footage of Rachel doing all of the things her mother is worried about -- going backstage, hanging out with the band, and kissing one guy goodbye! That hussy! Rachel tells her roommates how she got to go backstage. They could not seem less interested. At one point, Nicole starts trying to get a stain out of her shirt. In an interview, Quarrel says that as long as Rachel is happy, that's what matters.

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