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Statue of Liberty Montage that I'm just going to call Statue of Liberty Shot #10. "One Girl Revolution" by Superchick plays. Rachel's mom tells her that it's unsafe to go to concerts alone. Rachel explains why it's safe. In an interview, Rachel explains how frustrated she gets, and how her mom needs to let her make her own decisions. Rachel's mom says that Rachel might get raped, and then adds that Rachel's roommates shouldn't let her go out alone. Oh, for crying out loud. Her roommates have no responsibility to Rachel, and if one of them were trying to escort her everywhere, it would be so annoying. Rachel frustratedly yells, "Mom!" I think every daughter has said that in that exact tone of voice at some point.

As the song keeps playing, Rachel walks down the street. All by herself! In an interview, Rachel says that when she goes home, her mom will see how different she is. Rachel takes the subway. Alone! She hopes her mom will be able to recognize her changes. Rachel stands on the street. Alone!

Next week: the return of Bobby. The return of Jisela. Malik says that he and Jisela care about each other a lot. Blair and Jisela either pretend to or actually have sex in the confessional. Why do these Road Rules people keep popping up on this show? Aren't we done with them? I blame Stee. Bastard.

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