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Playin' at the Talent Show

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Playin' at the Talent Show

The next scenes are the about as exciting as watching paint dry. Becky makes dinner for everybody. Snoooooore. Everybody likes dinner. Yippie-ki-fucking-yay. The only highlight is Norman declaims some pretty funny, pretentious poetry over dinner.

Norman, Julie and Heather go roller skating at the Roxy while disco music plays. They are having a good time.

Heather's interview. She talks about how cool Norman is, and how you can have a great time around him, since Norman doesn't care what other people think, and is just completely himself and he brings that out of you. The three of them are awfully cute together. ["They are. I love that scene." -- Wing Chun]

The Three Loft-a-teers are singing as they go home.

Heather tries to tell a story about two guys as Julie and Norman lie on the bed. Norman keeps interrupting with questions like, "Do they have big penises? Are they Jewish?" Julie is cracking up, and Heather is losing her shit, trying to finish her story.

Julie's interview. She talks about how Norman's "bisexuality" -- hmmm, I thought Norman was gay -- isn't a big deal, because Norman didn't make a big deal out of it, and no one's made an issue out of it, because Norman is so great, all of which is probably true, except for the "bisexuality" part, and somehow I think that while Julie is doing a great job of being open-minded, this is her way of trying to give Norman an out -- as it were -- from his Own Private Idaho.

Norman's interview. He talks about how he's trying to get more "open-minded" and how he's always looking at people in that light to expand his horizons and thinks, "Hmm, I could date that person." Grumpy Old Man sez: In my day, "open-minded" was just called bein' easy.

Back to the bed, with Julie, Becky and Heather cracking up as Norman tells a joke.

Julie's on the phone to her family, telling her dad, I think ["I thought it was her brother" -- Wing Chun], about how they went to the Roxy and rollerskated to "kind of disco-y" music, and that there were a lot of homosexuals there. "Isn't that kind of funny?" she says, tentatively feeling out his reactions. Her dad ["or whoever" -- Wing Chun] says dryly, "I haven't seen gay people a lot, skating to disco music, no." They make jokes about how that doesn't happen sub-Mason-Dixon. Julie goes on to tell him another big difference about New York -- not only are there queers on wheels, but people pee out in public. Ah, life in the big city.

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