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Playin' at the Talent Show

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Playin' at the Talent Show

Norman talks about what a pain in the ass it was hauling his art up to the loft.

Kitchen. Andre asks Becky what they're doing tonight. Becky says they're going to an art opening and they're going to see Andre's band. Andre tells her the band's playing in Staten Island. Becky says she's never been to Staten Island before. Andre says she won't ever want to, after this.

"Sweet Child o' Mine" plays as Eric tells Karen how he can't play the guitar because "it's, like, so hard to press down on the strings." Karen gives him an impression of her own terrible guitar playing. Eric talks about how he doesn't understand what their relationship is, since he's not Karen's type of guy, since she dates rock stars. Eric, dear, I do believe Karen wanted a relationship with Bunim-Murray, not you. Eric goes on to say how he likes being with her, although he can't fathom why she likes him. I will refrain from obvious joke here.

Norman talking about his art, the gallery, open free dialogue, yap, yap, yap. Cut to the gallery, and the artists. They're horribly pretentious. Becky is wearing appropriate downtown wear: studded black tank top and a black coat, while Julie is wearing a white shirt and the dog's dinner in the form a hideous plaid coat. The look on her face as she listens to some artist talk about his fucked-up life and fucked-up art is priceless.

In Julie's interview she talks about how phony the artists were, and they were mostly socializing and networking and not looking at the art at all. Camera pans over the art at the gallery, some of which is pretty good, but most of which is crap.

Becky talks about how tired she and Norman were after the art show, and dinner. Julie, in her interview, talks about how she guilted them both into going to Andre's show. Cut to Becky saying how she felt like the irresponsible parent being lectured by a child on not keeping promises. Can I say how old Becky's "I'm so much older and more mature" act gets? It gets really. Old. It will progressively age and become more annoying with every episode.

Montage of Andre and the band getting ready, then taking the stage. They are okay. Andre for some reason is wearing the same tweed blazer my seventh grade science teacher wore. Norman and Becky look just thrilled to be there.

Julie's interview. She talks about how Norman and Becky were losing their senses of humor by the end of the night. Cut back to Andre, dedicating a song to his new roommates. Becky's interview. She says she's glad she went, especially when she remembered how happy she was people from the loft showed up for her performance. After the show, we see Andre talking with Julie, Norman and Becky and thanking them for coming.

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