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Politics and Strange Bedfellows

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Politics and Strange Bedfellows

One of the homeless women, Darlene, asks Julie what kind of a dog Gouda is. "A Great Dane," Julie replies. Julie's natural friendliness emerges and she brings Gouda over so Darlene can pet her. Julie asks Darlene questions about how she lives. Darlene tells her about the food trucks that come by, and that she's been on the streets a year, and how her mother lives nearby, but they don't get along too well. Darlene is pretty articulate, and Julie is asking questions galore.

Kevin's one-on-one. He is not, thank God, talking about Julie's virginity, but rather how Julie is totally sincere in her wish to help people. As Kevin talks, we see Julie and Darlene sitting on a stone bench and talking.

Julie and Darlene talk about Darlene's life, and how she wants not to be a drug addict or dating terrible men, and how it's safer for her in the park than uptown, where she might be tempted to do drugs again. She talks about the conditions in the Reaganville and how people steal from her, and there's the constant threat of attacks.

Kevin's voice-over says that Julie is at least making a sincere effort to get to know one of the people and see how the homeless live, while most people try and ignore the problem. The camera cuts to Julie asking Darlene if she could spend the night with her one night.

Kevin, in his one-on-one, says the loft was a-buzz with what Julie planned to do. He says that his own feelings are mixed, since he thinks Julie's motivations and sincerity are completely admirable, but then again, "How much can you learn in one night?"

Scenes of urban chaos flash by, intercut with scenes of Jerry Brown on the news, and at various rallies. Awww, Governor Moonbeam! God Bless Him. I mean, what other political figure would have the balls to date as loopy a celebrity as Linda Rondstadt? Andre, Julie and Norman are at many of these rallies. Andre looks suspiciously like he's trying to pick his nose in one shot. At one point, Michael Moore, the filmmaker, leads the crowd in a "Jer-ry! Jer-ry!" chant.

Becky, in a bizarre wasp-waisted leather jacket and backwards bike cap, tells us that she went to her last registered voting place to vote, and how the last time she voted, it was for Dukakis. She says she voted for Brown since she thought he was the best choice, but was torn and almost voted for Clinton since it seemed like he might hold up better. I will refrain from taking any potshots since that kind of humor is strictly Jay Leno territory and way beneath MBTV in a way that say, booger jokes and fashion critiques aren't.

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