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Pretty and Witty and Gay

The roommates walk home. Sarah tells everyone that her boobs were a graduation present, and that she had A-cups before. Man, what I wouldn't give for an A-cup. And don't tell me that people always want what they can't have. I was an A-cup once. Like when I was thirteen. It was awesome. ["I hear that, girl." -- Wing Chun] Melanie says it's just like her parents buying her a car or something, and Shavonda points out that breasts can't be repossessed. Melanie looks at Shavonda and says that she would "never, ever, ever, ever, ever in a million years" get implants. Um, Sarah's standing right there, Judgy. I'm not a big fan of implants, but I wouldn't be rude about it to someone's face. And it's not like Sarah asked if Melanie would ever get implants. Also, Melanie appears to be pretty well-endowed, so maybe she shouldn't judge what someone with small breasts should and shouldn't do. Melanie adds that she wouldn't get any plastic surgery, ever. Ah, the woman in her early twenties. I felt the same way, but there are days when I think, "Would a little nip and tuck really go against my feminist ideals?" And then I look at the prices and decide against it. ["For me, it's the pain of recovery. Thanks, I Want a Famous Face, for scaring me straight!" -- Wing Chun] Sarah interviews that Mel has a tendency to tell people what they should do, and to think that her way is the only way. Oh, so she hasn't grown out of that freshman year of college phase, where you think that everything you do is so ethical and right, and the rest of the world is corrupt and deserving of your condemnation.

Sarah explains that her parents wanted her to have more confidence. Okay, I do think it's kind of jacked up that Sarah's parents bought her breast implants, but I wouldn't say that to her face! Just on the internet where millions of people can read it. Sarah can't leave it at that, and has to confess that she was both anorexic and bulimic. So she had horrible body issues, and her parents bought her implants? Nice. Melanie interviews that she thought Sarah was wild and outgoing, but now realizes that Sarah has "serious self-esteem issues." You mean people were buying that wild and outgoing act? Sarah really dramatically intones that she's had eating disorders since she was seventeen, which seems really late to develop an eating disorder, but I'm no expert. Sarah adds that she was still bulimic six months ago. So look for a future "Sarah is secretly puking" storyline this season! Because unless she got treatment, or something else drastic changed, she's still bulimic.

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